Comfort Inn & Suites Spartanburg
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Spartanburg, SC

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A guest back in Feb, 2013 told us that he had stayed in some hotel in a neighboring state where he had found bed bugs. We suspected that he was the one that might have brought them in one room . In March 2013 we hired a national pest control company by paying almost $2,000 to work on the problem. We did not know until today that our name was mentioned here with this old ,past problem. This nuisance we hear from various sources that is now widely present across the U.S. This hotel has an ongoin

g monthly pest control contract with a national chain.

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Fiancée went into the room and checked the bed (which was perfectly clean). As she was about to give the green light she noticed a black dot above the TV in the corner of the room. Upon closer inspection it was a fully grown adult bed bug. Alerted the hotel staff who seemed surprised.

Left the hotel to rebook somewhere else

I checked in late on Sunday, March 30th and got up early for work the next day. When I got back to my room Monday evening I noticed I was covered in bites. I inspected around the sides of the mattress and box spring and found one dead bedbug and a disgusting amount of droppings. The staff seemed concerned but mostly wanted to sweep it under the rug and keep me quiet.

My husband spent three nights at this hotel from 2/11/2013 to 2/14/2013. In his first room, he was bitten over sixty times. He moved to a different room on the third night, which apparently did not yet have bugs.

I called the receptionist, who said she would report it to her manager, who wouldn't be in until Monday. Today is Thursday. Great.

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