Comfort Inn & Suites Spartanburg
154 Candlenut Ln
Spartanburg, SC

Found 3 reports:

Fiancée went into the room and checked the bed (which was perfectly clean). As she was about to give the green light she noticed a black dot above the TV in the corner of the room. Upon closer inspection it was a fully grown adult bed bug. Alerted the hotel staff who seemed surprised.

Left the hotel to rebook somewhere else

I checked in late on Sunday, March 30th and got up early for work the next day. When I got back to my room Monday evening I noticed I was covered in bites. I inspected around the sides of the mattress and box spring and found one dead bedbug and a disgusting amount of droppings. The staff seemed concerned but mostly wanted to sweep it under the rug and keep me quiet.

My husband spent three nights at this hotel from 2/11/2013 to 2/14/2013. In his first room, he was bitten over sixty times. He moved to a different room on the third night, which apparently did not yet have bugs.

I called the receptionist, who said she would report it to her manager, who wouldn't be in until Monday. Today is Thursday. Great.

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