Golden Villa Motel
1106 N Ocean Blvd
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

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Golden Villa Motel is being demolished in order for a ferris wheel to be built at 11th and N. Ocean in Myrtle Beach.
Don't have to worry about this place anymore!

We stayed in room 306 at this establishment in July 2010. The location was a-ok, and for a motel it was what was to be expected. the day we were due to leave I noticed 3 blistered bite marks located in a strange 1/2 inch pattern, in a straight line on my legs. my partner also has bite marks all over his legs and arms as well. Logically speaking, when we were leaving we checked the bedding for any clothing articles, and discovered the mattresses were stained and disgusting so this sound about

upon research with a person of the medical profession the following day, they suggested I was bitten by bed bugs. As the sites were tender, feverish, and blistered.
also upon my further research on bed bugs: they bite in a 3 bite pattern. amazingly, we experienced every symptom listed.
the staff here claims they did not find any evidence of said infestation or refused to issue any refund for our inconveniences, as I had to pursue the matter just to get a call back.
we paid 3 star prices for .5 star level of decent amenities.


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