Holiday Inn Express Charleston US HWY 17 & I-526
1943 Savannah Highway Charleston Sc 29407, United States
Charleston, SC

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My husband and I just got back yesterday, we stayed in room 412 from July 22-24. After sleeping in the bed the first night, I woke up and my right shin was covered in little red bumps...they weren't itchy or anything, and we were a bit baffled. Later on in the day, they got more prominent and started itching... of course my first thought was it was something in the bed, but my husband slept in the same bed and didn't have anything, so figured I had just gotten into some chiggers somehow. After d

oing some research, I realized that these were most definitely bed bug bites, and the reason that they probably didn't bite my husband is because they like "hairless skin", and also not everyone reacts to them. I called and let them know about it, and they seemed way too nonchalant about it. The girl said that there hadn't been any other reports, but they will "most definitely" investigate it. After finding this site and seeing someone else report something, I plan to call back in a few days to see if anything has been done about it.

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I stayed @ this Hotel on Feb. 7-2013,& I'm pretty sure when I checked @ the head of the bed there was evidence of fecal matter & where bedbugs had shed their skins on the bed skirt. I called the front desk & they sent 2 people up instantly. They put us in another room & called down& told the front desk to not rent that room out untill it was checked. I wish I had tAken pictures but I just wanted out of the room.

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