Comfort Inn Charleston Riverview
144 Bee St
Charleston, SC 29401

Found 2 reports:

My family and I stayed here for 4 nights and by the 2nd night I started noticing little bug bites on my foot. By the last day I had 8 bites on my right forearm and at least 8 on my right foot and lower leg. Turns out I'm allergic to bed bugs and they turned into big red welps! I'm pregnant and only slept on my right side so I'm guessing that's why they were all on the right side of my body.

Stayed at the Comfort Inn for 5 nights and within one day of leaving, some of my colleagues and I noticed small bites throughout our body and genital area. Service at the hotel was rather rude and they ended up double and triple billing out credit cards. AVOID THIS HOTEL!

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