Charleston Marriott Hotel
170 Lockwood Blvd
Charleston, SC 29403

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Recent reports of bedbugs were handled by professional pest control company. Steritech representative investigated all rooms (1405, 1208, 219) and did not find any evidence of bedbug activity.

This time of year in Charleston brings lots of outdoor activities. Along with warmer termperatures and a wet spring come mosquitos and "no-see-ums" that are small biting insects.

Not all bites are from Bed Bugs.

Hotel guestrooms were just renovated and completed on March 22, 2015. All guestroom

mattress & boxsprings were replaced.

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Stayed in room 1208 and 219 4/29-5/1/2015
I have bedbug bites all around the cleavage area of my breasts. I am allergic to bedbugs too. Not happy

stayed 3/29/15 - 4/2/15 just noticed bites throughout my body and they look like bed bug bites from images that I found on the internet. I stayed in 1405.

Did not check beds, but had lots of bites on legs the next day. On 5th floor.

reports of bed bugs are taken very seriously and we act immediately to investigate the claim and eradicate issue if bed bug is found.
We use professional company (Steritech) to complete investigation and removal if necessary.

In the most recent case - 3 rooms - 607/702/813 - Steritech investigated guest claim about all 3 rooms and no evidence of bed bugs were found in any rooms. Investigation & report completed on 07/29/2013

Update on JAW for July 26th stay. The Housekeeping Manager checked the rooms with pest control and assured me no LIVE/ or ACTIVe BED BUGS. The housekeeping manager was very nice and takes this situation very important. I did keep all luggage and shoes etc. in car cooking in the NC sun reaching 130 degrees to kill anything and everything. Just wanted to update that the hotel did get involved very quickly and called me today to verbally tell me what they had found!
I hope nothing hatches and

causes any issues for our home over the next few months as previous posts spoke about having to fumigate their home!


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Update on check out! Housekeeping manager did the right thing and has pest control investigating room issues!
Only stayed one night!

July 26, 2013
Rooms 702, 607 & 813 all 3 rooms an issue! We moved three times and then, so exhausted slept in a infested room! I had sent am email to front desk manager to verify no problem at this Marriott location! He wrote a very defensive email back assuring no issues! We checked in July 26,2013 and moved to three rooms all issues! I just wished he would have been honest and told me of the situation! Will see what they do tomorrow as we check out Saturday! I do not want to carry the

se home to my home!

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I stayed here memorial day weekend 2011. my 3 daughters and myself were covered in bed bug bites. you don't even realize what happened until 2 or 3 days after you return home. this has bothered me for years. I finally had to say something.

Was a guest on 8th floor recently. Did not have any issues during my stay but did not check for bed bugs (which I will from now on!)
Morning after my return home I noticed a few bites. Next day my husband had bites. We researched and confirmed they were bed bug bites and were able to find a few bugs. After more research decided to call an exterminator who recommended treating our entire house. $1400 later we are now bug free. I am positive that I brought the bugs home from the hotel in my

luggage which I set on the spare bed during my stay. I will definitely use this site next time I travel. I have a call into management to let them know.

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Stayed at this facility over Labor Day weekend 2012 with my family. As we were unpacking, I found a bug on the mattress (not a bedbug). This prompted me to investigate the mattress and box springs for more critters. I found many bed bugs under the mattress on the box springs. We had management and housekeeping respond. They moved us to a "newly refurbished" room, but wouldn't let us enter it until it had been thoroughly "inspected" by the Housekeeping supervisor. First of all, the room was not n

ewly refurbished (had a huge yellow stain on the drapery). I looked the mattresses over-- they appeared to have been vacuumed. However, I found a single, lone bedbug that had been missed (probably more in hiding). Unfortunately, everything else was booked up and no where to go. My mother woke up with a string of little red bites on her arms and legs. They did pay for our stay.

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Stayed in room 320 for 3 nites. I had bites the first and second morning! I never saw the bed bugs but I definitely had bites in a line under my armpit and on my hip.

Date 4/2-4/5/12

Did you get charged for the water bottle?

I saw a bedbug on one of the beds in room 721. I caught it and put it in an empty water bottle and called the front desk, and they were very responsive.
I guess I'm lucky- I slept in that room one night before seeing the bug and do not have any bites. I called the front desk and security was up in the room with a key for a new room within 5 minutes.
Other than that, the hotel has been lovely...

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