Carolina Lodge
10645 Dunbarton Blvd
Barnwell, SC

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I stayed at this hotel several times and never had a problem, however the week of 12/23/2013 thur 12/27/2013 My family and I stayed at this hotel, we spent most of the time with our family in the area so we were barely were in the room at all, came in late and left in the early morning, but after returning home about two weeks later, we had a budbed infestation in our home. I travel often with the Goverment and to my amazment never had an experience with budbits, in fact, I been going to the

doctor for me and the kids because we thought we has a bacterial problem, what we have was bedbugs. I never took the necessary percaution with our luggage,Me and the kids are all ate up, and finally I can actually see the bugs, but now it 8 WEEKS LATER, You would have thought MY DOCTOR could have told me earlier looking all the swallow WELTS for I was truly have a reaction!!!!

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I am a traveling health care professional and have stayed at this motel twice. The first week (Jan 7-11) I had no problems. The second week (Jan 14-18), they put me in a different room and I got bedbug bites on my left leg during one night of 4.

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