Comfort Inn Trevose
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Just a follow up to my previous post. I was feeling fairly confident that I had not brought any bedbugs home from this location until this morning. I found one crawling on me as I was having my morning coffee. I am going through alot in my personal life and this is the last thing I need especially at Christmas time. I cannot afford a huge exterminator bill but yet how can I have people in my home and run the risk of them taking these pests back to their own homes. All I wanted to do was to

travel down to the city to see my grandkids. I stayed at a hotel so that I would not put anyone out. The thing is, we all trust these people to provide us with a clean comfortable place to sleep for the night. We pay with money we worked hard to earn. In a sense, it is like a trust has been broken. We trust these people to offer us a safe, clean, pestfree place to lay our heads down at night. Now, I won't even be able to rest comfortably in my own bed because this hotel did not manage their bug problem. I will never go there again. I am going to get on the phone now and call an exterminator. I have no idea what this is going to cost. Just wanted to share....Merry Christmas!

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Found a bedbug crawling on my pillow when I awakened from sleep in the middle of the night. I have bites on my neck and have not stopped itching since I got home. I just stayed ne night. I hope and pray I did not bring any of them home with me.

I stayed in room 325 th week of October 4th -8th

the hotel was run down and showing wear. the room carpet had alot of stains and such.

the stay was bearable and didn't see any problems till I got home. a few days later I found many bug bites all over me. Now they are Itching and inflamed.

After checking found a couple of bed bugs in my suitcase which I proply killed.

Don't stay here.

We had reservations at this hotel on 10/10/10. When we arrived the room wasn't ready yet, so it gave us time to look around, the lobby and all common areas were very DIRTY & the hotel smelled horrible. When I was finally given the room key I went into room & checked for cleanliness. I found bed bugs, a few roaches & a VERY dirty room! When I spoke to the hotel Manager I was told to leave the hotel because I was a 'trouble maker'! I gladly left, there was no way I wanted to have my family stay at

this property. Bed bugs & very poor customer service...Comfort Inn Corporate should inspect this hotel for themselves, I'm confident thatthey wouldn't want their name on this property! DO NOT STAY HERE, BED BUGS A PLENTY!!

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