Ramada Tannersville
Rt. 715
Tannersville, PA

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On 5/11/12 myself and friends stayed at the hotel for the evening in room 313. It was very nice, seemed very clean nothing looked out of the ordinary. The next morning when I woke up I saw a small bug crawling past my face. I asked my friend to come by and inquired if it was a bed bug to which he replied he thought it was. I work in public health and have been aware of the bed bug issue increasing in the US for some time. I knew that one meant many, I took up the sheet and found 2 more engo

rged bed bugs crawling around. I took a piece of tape and caught them, took them to the front desk where they were not as surprised as I would have hoped however they refunded us our money for the evening and the next night as well (we were scheduled to be there a second evening). Overall it wasn't a bad hotel but with bed bugs there I will never stay there again.

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