Great Wolf Lodge Poconos
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Scotrun, PA 18355-9000

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Just got home from a two night stay at the lodge. I was very nervous from these reports. We arrived in our two bedroom suite and checked all 3 beds and the furniture. No signs of bugs anywhere. The room was clean. I asked at the front desk and they told me the last reported case was January. They even answered all my questions about their bed bug policy. Had a great time as always! So glad we went!

We stayed there 3/12/15-3/14/15 after not being convinced of online reports, which are not consistent with patterns and timing of real bed bug infestations. I am a physician and am familial with bed bugs. I inspected the beds and put double back sticky tape on the bed posts. No bugs and no signs of bugs.

After the Facebook scare early this month and the amount of comments here within the last 2 weeks ... we were very worried about our big Group Event at GWL. We had about 12 families going together and decided to just give it a go despite all the negative reports.

We all stayed on the fourth floor from 3/19/15 - 3/20/15 (and a few families had such a great time they even booked an additional night). The rooms were immaculate and not one bed bug, spider, cob web (or any other bug) in sight.

I am so glad we did not listen to these reports, because it would have ruined a really nice time (that had been planned for months) for our kids. Unfortunately, due to these reports a few parents bailed out on the trip at the last minute. But those that went, had a great time and found all the rooms to be very clean and well maintained.

The staff was courteous, friendly and helpful. We enjoyed our stay.

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Stayed with 3 families from
3/15/15 to 3/16/15. Had a
great time. No problems with any of
any of our three rooms (all were
were located on Floor #3).

My daughter an I stayed at Great Wolf Lodge from 3/10 - 3/12 in room 3102. No bedbugs and no problems. I checked the mattress, as I usually do at a hotel, and found no problems. Actually the mattresses looked brand new. We had a wonderful stay.

I had an overnight stay scheduled 8 weeks in advance. Room for 8. It was to be a fun family gathering for my children with their cousins. I was completely devastated (and so were my kids) when I heard about a bed bug report for this location only days before our stay, which was 3/11/2015. I had the choice to cancel my reservation, but opted to research further about this reporting to hopefully avoid disappointing my children. I went to the lodge during the day before check in time and spoke

with the safety manager. It took some effort on my part to get to this person, but I did and I found her to be very professional and reassuring that there has NEVER been an investation of bed bugs at the lodge. She did not deny having cases of activity, as all hotels, airplanes, cruise lines have had. She took the time to explain the protocols for preventing bed bugs and responding to an active case of bed bugs. Their procedures include best practices, heat treatments, dog sniffing for identification, special team in housekeeping trained to identify bugs and many more. I asked that upon check in I be accompanied by a manager to inspect the room, 4 staff members met me at the room and spent 45 minutes completing an inspection. The sheets were taken off, mattresses lifted, box springs checked, corners of furniture, chairs etc checked. We all used flashlights to see in poorly lit places. The room was immaculate. Overall we had a wonderful visit. After the inspection we all slept soundly. I found the managers to take this issue seriously and did the best they could to make a guest feel comfortable. I also left an expensive item at check out and it was recovered and returned to me the next day.

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My daughter has been telling me that she wants to have a birthday party at this Great Wolf Lodge. We've all been looking forward to it, and now, unfortunately I found these reports. Shame on you, Great Wolf Lodge. We cannot give our daughter the amazing experience and birthday party she wanted because you can't clean up your bed bug mess.

I went on March 9, 2015. I was drinking a lot at the bar and with the heat and chlorine ended up spacing out... I slept realllly well, woke up and had a bedbug in my ear!

We used left over vodka to drown the bug and took it to the front desk, which is next to a Starbucks . I grabbed a coffee and made the decision not to report it. The staff looks busy and stressed and what is one little bug.

We enjoyed the rest of our stay.

We stayed here on 2/4/2015 & my husband was bit within 1 hour of sleep. This was on the bottom level. room 2026? last # was 26 & it was a handicap room. They placed all our belongings in the dryer. Said they would do an investigation, which came back that it was in fact bed bugs. They gave us a free night to come back which would be nice if we knew there were no bugs!

I worked there as a houseman where I had to strip the rooms. There was always rooms vacant because of these gross things. I had to suit up to go in and strip these rooms. Trust me this is no joke!

We stated the very first weekend in March - 3/1-3/2. We had an awesome time ! Our room was clean, out stay was wonderful and we didn't see one bug while we vacationed.

I was there the first week in March. I got bit all over my feet and legs. People there at the time were complaining of bugs in there room and they didn't do anything about it. Unfortunately I realized the bites after I returned home.

Thank you all for letting us know THE GREAT WOLF LODGE is infested with bed bugs. Is that why they charge so much? I will never ever go there again. SHAME. SHAME SHAME

We just stayed in February 2015. No bed bugs bites for us!

We were there many and each time i to felt like siomething was bitting me and my husband .wethought it was the pool wster .we git home and we had bumps all over out backs and legs .now i know what was reslly wrong shame on you grest eolf lodge .why dont you put that in your commercials

To the anonymous idiot who just posted the smart ass comment saying 'I wonder why everyone's anonymous..' First of all genius, you yourself made yourself annonymous and did you ever maybe think people are a little embarrassed to disclose who they are considering what this is talking about?! I'm glad to have read these comments. I've been wanting to try great wolf lodge out, however after reading all this, I change my mind completely! To great Wolfe lodge, take care of the issue! How unsanitary!

I wonder why all these reports are filed under Anonymous?

We stayed at Great Wolf Lodge in July '14, we were supposed to stay for 3 nights, we didn't even stay 1 night after inspecting the room. My husband works for a pest control company, he told me what to look for when we got to the room and I did, it was horrifying! They really need to hire a good company to use heat treatments and none of that spray, the spray doesn't work!!! Too bad they are too cheap to eliminate the problem the proper way and closing down the infested rooms and treat them inste

ad of turning them around for the next set of visitors to get bit. And what's really gross is when you are in the actual water park itself and see hotel guests with what are clearly bed bug bites all over them.

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You can go to lowes or home depot and buy buggy beds or bed buggy it detects bed bugs out

We stayed at Great Wolf Lodge on 1/26/15 and had a great time. When we got home we noticed bites all over my daughter. (about 10) and I had one on myself. We called Great Wolf Lodge to inform them. We also had borrowed their pack and play and I was concerned that if they were in the pack and play it might transfer them to another room. They transferred me to Housekeeping, but I only got a voicemail and they never returned my call. So, this tells me that they are not taking the problem seriousl

y enough to exterminate. I am paranoid that we could have brought them home to our house.

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I went with a 1year old and a 7yr old, I arrived 1pm asked if my room was ready they did not have it ready until 4pm, I was stranded and lost hours after I was told early check in could be granted. So we walked around for 3 hours couldn't enjoy the water park as we ha sno place to change and it was crowded! Then finally we got our room by 4, water park was extremely stuffy inside not breatheable, I'm asthmatic and came home wheezing and my kids too! Too many kids coughing inside, and the lobby i

s extremely cold walking back from the waterpark to your room! Also. A BIG CONCERN LACK OF SECURITY, no metal detector or security checking bags! Someone easily can bring in a weapon and harm one, especially they sell alcohol! Adults can get drunk and loose control and there's no security! Main issue!!!!

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so sad Ive been there many years ago and this never happen but someone brought them in but if they would do there part they could get rid of them but they wont if not admitting it from these reports I will never ever go there again

We stayed here 3/4/15 and saw bedbugs called in the manager. They moved us to a new room but could not sleep all night. We left the next day. They would not refund us because they said they were not bedbugs... They were! When we got home I went to the dr and confirmed the bites I had were indeed from bedbugs.... So upset about this!! Lucky I did not bring a lot of stuff with us so I was able to throw it all out... Which really upsets me.... Good luck! I already have a call into corporate! I wond

er why no one has called me back yet....

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We stayed at Great Wolf Lodge 1/26/15 - 1/29/15 and I was bitten by bed bugs while we were there, probably about 50 bites over the three nights we were there. The bites didn't appear until we returned home or I would have left immediately. I had the bites confirmed by a dermatologist. Luckily, I was the only one in my family that received the bites. I slept in the bed but my husband and son slept in the bunk beds and my daughter in a pack and play. We spent over a $1000 on two exterminating com

panies to ensure that we did not bring the bugs home with us. Although we did have a great time while we were there, it isn't worth the trip. I will never go back there.

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We stayed at Great Wolf Lodge on Sunday 4/13/14, Monday 4/14/14 & checked out on Tuesday 4/15/14. We stayed in room 2026. When we arrived home on Tuesday 4/15 we noticed that our 3 year old daughter had about 30 itchy bed bug bites on her body. She had bites on her right arm, both legs, both hands, both feet and forehead. We are extremely disappointed to read a report from March of 2014 which notes that the hotel was informed that there was a problem in room 2026 and obviously did not correct

it. We have notified the hotel via phone, email and included pictures of the bites and requested that they inspect the room and verify to us that there are in fact bed bugs present. Our daughter slept in the bottom bunk of the wolf den. Our son slept on the couch and my wife and I slept in the bed. Only my daughter had visible bites. We were told by the hotel that it is unlikely that they are bed bug bites (THEY ARE DEFINITELY BED BUG BITES!!!) We are now very concerned that we may have brought these pests home. Thank you very much for your negligence Great Wolf Lodge.

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Stayed last night at the Great Wolf in Scotrun, PA (Poconos). Woke up this morning with tiny bumps on my hand and neck. By the time I had arrived home they were red and swollen. Looked them up on the internet, and they are clearly bed bug bites. Room 2026. I was the only one who slept in the bed. The others in the room slept in the bunk beds and the fold-out and do not appear to have been bitten. Will call the hotel and report it to them.

We went for our friend's birthday this weekend (Jan. 18-19) and my daughter got three bites on her hand and her friend got two huge bites and one of them got infected. Beware of bedbugs.

labor day 2013 - BED BUGS! They moved us to a different room, gave us a free dinner and told us to bag our stuff so they can clean it. They were nice about it and apologized and everything but still makes me very nervous! They need to get rid of this problem!!!

8/3/13-8/5/13 Poconos PA
Stayed here on a family vacation this week and had an AMAZING time at the park and resort itself, however the first night we were there, we ended up getting bit by bed bugs, when we told the front desk they bagged up all our belongings and dried them to "Kill any insects" and said they were going to call the exterminator company and would call us with results, which we still have yet to receive. Needless to say we got a room change, however they rudely denied to refund

us for that night! .. Out of curriousity we went to our infected room later on in the evening and knocked on the door to see if they had just kicked us out and put another family in there and they indeed DID! I was mortified, and explained the situation to the new family, who them complained and left the resort!!!!! Great family fun, if you get a day pass but horror if you stay in their rooms!!!!

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I'm not sure if they're bedbugs or spiders, probably both. My brother got bites from them, his arm is massively swollen with puss coming out of them. He went to ER after it started becoming too painful. I wrote to Great Wolf twice and nothing back. If you go there, there's a lot of bugs so be aware.

I was even thinking of spending my vacation day there a month later but after this, I don't think I ever want to go back. They must take responsiblity for this. We paid $600 for one night.

We deserve better than this.

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Stayed one night 2/2/13. Came home to find 6 bug bites on my hands and two on my face! My son has bites on his arms and legs. Stayed on second floor. Stay away from this place!!!

Just left Great Wolf yesterday my daughter is covered in painfully itchy bed bug bites!!!!!!! 7 bites on her face!. Couldn't go to school today. Waiting for managers to get back to me from inspecting rooms. Stayed in room 312. I am horrified!!!

My wife was bitten all over her body this weekend. The people at the desk claimed they don't have bed bugs, and that they searched the room and there were none. My wife went to the dermatologist today who confirmed they are 100% bed bug bites. We've spoken to the manager at the lodge who still claims the room is clean but that they will get back to us once a professional firm inspects the room.

0ct 2012, we were gonna meet my sister and some friends there who went one night ahead. She called and said she found bb there and was lucky to find them early on before infesting her stuff.nthe manager was helpful, they took all her stuff and put them in the dryer and she didn't bring any bb home I cancelled my trip and she cut hers short.

This place is crazy has bed bugs and tries to cover by saying it's been taken care of..yuck......

Visited in April of 2011
Kids had a great time
Food was terrible
We then had the worst case of bed bugs ever
Cost us over 10k in exterminating and replacement items
It was a very traumatic experience for the whole family
Stay away at all costs

we brought home bb's from here too, sad. Have been living a nightmare trying to rid ourselves of these bastards. Great Wolf needs to be held responsible for this mess!

Our family has gone the past few years and never seen any.If the dirt balls would stop bringing them from there scuzzy homes there wouldn't b a problem! Stay away dirt balls.

August 2011 stayed over for two nights. Came home with bed bugs!! Still trying to get rid of them.

So we had to cut our stay short because we actually saw bed bugs crawling up onto the bed my 2yr old niece was sleeping on - we were at Great Wolf the weekend before Christmas 2010. When we got home, 5 days later my nephew, niece, and cousin had several bites. They all went to the dr and he confirmed that it was bed bug bites and that it could take several days for bites to appear. They had their house checked and luckily it was clean. The manager, Mike at Great Wolf was helpful, but it stil

l was a terrible experience. We won't be going back, which is sad because it is a yearly trip we take with 4 other families.

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This week a friend of mine told me they got bed bugs from rm 3103. That was the last week of oct 2010. Called the GM Mike G. He assured me that they erraticate the rooms. My friend said she did not see any exterminators during the next 2 days. Going there soon. Hope that he was honest.don't believe the maids have the time or energy to look.

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