Red Roof Inn Pittsburgh South Airport
6404 Steubenville Pike
Pittsburgh, PA 15205

Found 4 reports:

Stayed here May 2012 with my husband, 2 year old and mom in law. We woke up with 5 or 6 itchy bites all over our lower legs.

I lived in this hotel Dec 29,2010. Just one night, I was bite 6 places on my neck and arms. I did not see the bug, but judging from my experience before, this is definitely bed but. The red itchy bites are aligned into a line,

Found a single bedbug after spending 9/11/2010 in Room 105. Squished it - it was engorged with blood. Tore the bed(s) apart looking for more, but didn't find any.

I dont remeber the room number but have seen a bed bug in my room middle of the night and tried alot to get it out of the bed cracks and finally got him and flushed it but was very restless the two weeks i stayed in that hotel.all slepless night with my luggage

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