Sheraton Suites Philadelphia Airport
4101 Island Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19153

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I arrived on April 18 and checked out on 22 from this hotel. I went home and sure enough within weeks, my bed was infested with bed bugs and I was bit for 3 weeks in a row in my sleep. I was in room 529. That is a shame.

We stayed at this location on March 1/2015 and hours after we checked out of room 316 I started itching on my stomache area. I pulled up my shirt and I had a long line of bites that looked like ant bites red blistered bumps, around a dozen bites. It looks like the pictures of bedbugs I've looked up online...

Checked in on 9/10/13 into room #824. Moved from this room when I saw little black specks emerging from underneath the sheets which had not been there when I first pulled the sheets back. I always inspect the sheets.

Moved to room #706. When I pulled the sheets back there was a bed bug crawling from the pillow area which I recorded and then called a supervisor up.

Changed rooms again but could not sleep. Had housekeeping put 6 sheets on the bed h

oping it would be harder for a bug to get through!

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6/2012. I checked into my room, then put my plastic cover over my bag and placed that is the bathroom. I examined the bed, noticed some nasty stains on the bed skirt, though I think those were from something other than bugs, and then sprayed some of my own over-the-counter bedbug repellent around the base of the headboard. I went down to dinner, then came back and went over to the bed again. I noticed a black spot on the bottom sheet, near the corner where I sprayed. I put on my reading glas

ses and saw movement. I pulled out a magnifying glass I brought with me and saw that is was clearly a small, bed bug. (not yet inflated with blood, but probable driven out because of the spray). It was not a spider or any other critter. I reported to the front desk and they moved me to another room. The mgr told me that Orkin had just completed a two floor inspection and the room had come up clean. The box spring had what looked like the little plastic "thingies" that would hold a price tag still on it. It was either a newer box spring because it was just "do" to be replaced or they previously had had a bug problem in the room. I didn't sleep over 1-2 hours in the replacement room, and didn't get under any covers or near the headboard area, and rested with the lights on. I feel bad for the industry. These are a nightmare for hotel employees and for travelers. The staff was very understanding.

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Sept 16, 2010 nearly 100 bites on my arms and knees and calves in room 206. I was wearing a night gown that had thin straps and it does seem like they stopped their biting wherever they ran into clothing. In this case they bit from my shoulders to my wrists and from right above my knees down to my ankles. My boyfriend got bites on his arms legs and torso, but not as many as I did. Apparently they prefer hairless skin if they have a choice.

The hotel manager said they take a report like this v

ery seriously and would send an investigator and pest expert to the room and would quarantine adjacent rooms and treat them all aggressively. He apologized very sincerely.

He asked me to email him the photographs of the bites that I took of my arms which were the worst-off. It has been 6 weeks and the bites which were originally raised and bright red, flattened and went purple-ish in about 5 days, and only now at 6 weeks later are they starting to fade. I wouldn't be surprised if it takes till after Christmas for them to go away at this rate. They are like flat round scars from 1/4" to 5/8" across. It was very alarming and I've since learned more than I ever wanted to know about bed bugs. I will give an update in a week to see if they do refund my boyfriend for the cost of the room. They have to go through the online service he reserved the room with.

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I feel compelled to write this follow-up report due to several inaccurate articles I have read since my incident about a month ago. I work in the travel industry and I stay in at least three different hotels per week and these are my following observations: Firstly, the absence of blood stains do not necessarily mean that there are not any bed bugs present. As was the case in this hotel, I found no blood stains anywhere and I always check. Secondly, not everyone complains and uses bed bu

gs as an excuse to get a free nights stay. This hotel obviously practices excellent customer service by offering me a free night but I declined. The debate of whether or not DDT eradicated bed bugs decades ago will be on-going and so will be the bed bug infestations. They are inescapable and it doesn't matter if you're staying in a $39/night hotel or a $500/night hotel. My concern is whether the hotel has a treatment protocol in effect and how seriously they take each complaint. Unfortunately, I do not believe the housekeeping staff are educated enough to detect bed bugs despite their "educational seminars". Case in point would once again be in my incident at this hotel....housekeeping was initially sent to room 335 to investigate and I was told that no bed bugs were found but days later I received another call stating Orkin did indeed find them. I had also taken further measures by reporting my incident to the Philadelphia Health Dept and the Chief of their Environmental Engineering Section responded by informing me that they did send two Sanitarians out to inspect and interview the hotel's Director of Engineering about their procedures in dealing with bed bugs. As of two weeks ago, room 335 was still closed off for treatment and the rooms on top and below and on both sides were inspected etc. Good job Sheraton.

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Stayed in room 335 on 08/19/10. Awoke around 0230 to find a huge bedbug crawling up my stomach and chest. I tried to catch it and missed the first time and then caught it on the second attempt as it scurried towards my face. It must have just fed b/c my index finger was so bloodied from squishing it. I reported it to the night auditor and she did not even seem surprised by my complaint. I called her supervisor the next day and was told that housekeeping had been sent to check for bedbugs

in my room and that none were found. However, I did receive a call back 3 days later stating that Orkin did find them and that it was being treated. I was offered a complimentary stay at one of their properties....

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I was a guest there on March 23, 2010. I did not recognize the symptoms of being bedbug bitted until approximately 3 hrs after my checkout
I know this because I this is my 3rd time experiencing this.

I woke up in my hotel room on January 28, 2010, Room 322. On top of the comforter, there was a bed bug (VERY LARGE) as he must have had a good meal. I tried to kill him and he played dead but then moved moments later so with a tissue I pinched him and red blood squirted all over the tissue. I reported it to the hotel but not sure if they did anything.

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