Philadelphia Marriott Downtown
1201 Market St
Philadelphia, PA 19107-2817

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August 31st - September 2nd
Room 905. Came home with bed bug bites.

4/11/2015 - 4/13/2015 Bed bug bites from stay at this hotel. Unfortunately I didn't put it together until after we had already come home and brought all our luggage in and slept in our bed. Will be contacting them now.

I stayed at the Marriott downtown from March 30 - May 2 2015 in room 1846. I started to notice bites on Tuesdady and it progressively got worse the more nights I stayed. Unfortunately I didn't put 2 and 2 together and went to the Dr today for asma. She took one look at my arms and back and said that I have bed bug bites. I called the hotel and reported it and am now trying to figure out how to disinfect my stuff and if I need to throw away my mattress considering I already slept at home one nigh

t. Thanks Marriott, Sincerely a business traveler who practically lives at hotels.

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June 20 through June 23 2014. I was on vacation. Bedbugs bit me on arms, back,legs, chest and thighs.. They welted up.. itched. Saw some on bed.. the last night early in AM. Told housekeeping as I stored some in a cup to show as proof. Upon check out I was given credit for one days parking..
No refrigerator or microwave in rooms.. internet cost $12.95 per day and parking is $48.00 and room rate can be as high as or above $200.00 per night..
Not Happy with Hotel Stay..

I stayed at this hotel for the weekend with my boyfriend just to get away for a few days. We checked in on Friday June 21,2013 after going out for dinner and coming back to our room we were extremely tiered i usually stripe the beds completely at hotels this time all i did was check the right end corner i saw nothing.
At 5:35am i was awoken by my boyfriend who was having trouble sleeping (as he works nights in ny so will still be at work at that time) he began pushing me away from my pillow as

there was a bed bug literally about to crawl in my hair.
the customer service was horrible the hotel seemed to not find this matter inconvenient unconformable and completely disgusting.
i'm not sure if maybe they were aware that the hotel had bedbugs or maybe in Philly it isn't such a big deal i know i was disgusted
the service we received after was horrible
A lady from the claims department Ms.Diane Bailey contacted us for more info and she also was rude.
I thin this hotel needs new staff and new cleaning people.

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I stay here all the time and have never had a bed bug problem. Some people will just say anything for a free room..

On February 23rd, I arrived at this hotel and stayed for 2 nights for a conference and when I came back home, I was very itchy and had bumps in my back and legs. I think the hotel had bed bugs, didn"t actually see the bugs, but was very itchy in the room. I was soo naive, I didn't think about bed bugs at the time.

I think the bugs traveled to my home and now I am been bitten severely. I have never been bitten in this matter. I can't sleep and I am extremely itchy at the site of the bites.

Had to go to the doctor.

Anyone who plans to attend this hotel please make it your duty to look over every inch of the room given to you.

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My husband just returned from a conference at this hotel. One of the women at the conference woke up in the middle of the night with bed bugs all over her and had to have her room changed.

I thought I found a tick in the tub....but it wasn't a tick.

I went to this hotel for a conference and I was bitten several times by bed bugs. I did report this and they did an investigation which showed the room did have bed bugs. Needless to say the hotel got very snippy and did nothing for me. Its sad spending all that money on the hotel room and get eatten alive by bed bugs.

I went there for a conference in 2009. I was given a very nice luxury suite. I slept there one night and the next morning, noticed three welts on my arms. Later in the day, more sprang up. The same day, more welts sprang up all over my shoulders and neck (this is a place that is particularly warm, so bedbugs like it). I slept away from the bed and still, the next morning, my final count was more than 20 bites all over my body, from my face to my neck to my arms and legs and even inner thigh. It

was horrible.

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I would be interested in speaking with others who experienced bedbugs at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown and made a posting to this site. How can I be put in touch with them?