Monaco Philadelphia, a Kimpton Hotel
433 Chestnut St.
Philadelphia, PA 19106

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Checked in room 812. It was handicapped accessible and I asked to be moved but was told they were book. Woke up the next morning with bites all over my face, neck, arms, back and legs. I pulled back the bed sheets and to my surprise I saw a small insect crawling. I picked it up with a tissue and smashed it and it was full of my blood. I searched the internet for images of a bed but because I'd never seen one. Sure enough, it was a bed bug. Now those bites are big knots all over me because im ext

remely allergic to any insect bite. The hotel front office manager was nice and wanted to keep the bug to show to the exterminator but I told her I'd be happy to show himself the the . They cleaned my pajamas, gave me cab fare to urgent care and offered me a gift certificate for another stay and of course moved me to another room. I was able to reach my doctor who called in Rx for me. I inquired later about the extermanator and was told he didn't find any evidence of bed bugs and he did not need to see you the one I found! I told her I did see many dark spots along the edge of the mattress. She said it could have come in on someone's luggage hat was laid on the bed! The bed bug was in the bed under the sheets!! I assumed this denial and is the reason I choose to keep the evidence in my possession. By early event the bite sites had grown larger and the ones on my face had one eye almost closed. I took pictures of all the bite sites. I called the manager up to see and she sent someone to get Epsom salt for me to soak in saying that might help. I was too afraid to get into another bed there so I changed my flight to very early the next morning and put on two layers of clothing hoping not to have another episode. Needless to say, I couldn't sleep. As I am typing this all the spots are itching and burning and most have turned red. It is extremely uncomfortable even after starting the steroid treatment from my doc and taking Bendryl. I have not considered my next course of action but when I asked if the health department should be notified, she told me no and assured me they had locked up the room and no one else would go in there and it would be treated throughly Monday (even though she claims the exterminator reported finding no evidence of bed bugs!). Any recommendations on other actions I should take is welcomed.

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