Holiday Inn Philadelphia Historic District
400 Arch St., Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA

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Stayed the nights of December 5-8, 2011. Original room was 730, in which I found a bedbug in between the sheets of the bed. Thankfully, as someone who is paranoid and travels for work, I make it a habit to always pull the bed apart and check. The front desk responded with security to the room. I had captured the bedbug in a plastic bag and provided it to them. They then relocated me to another room (room wasnt exactely clean -not that I could sleep anyway). I understand this is a difficult th

ing to control, but the lack of follow up is what has me staying away for future travel. The staff checked the bed and decided there was nothing else to worry about. After a couple emails the Guest Services Manager finally refunded one night of my stay. However, he also tried to convince me that it wasnt a bedbug.Not only did the security guard confirm it was (based on a previous bad experience) I also have a history of entomology and public health and know what a bedbug is.

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