Hampton Inn Philadelphia Center City Convention Center
1301 Race St
Philadelphia, PA 19107-1517

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I just stayed in Room 922 on 7/16 and 7/17 and my arms are now covered in bed bug bites. I awoke early (3am) on 7/17 because of the itching and soon after saw a bed bug on top of the sheets. The night manager came up and took pictures and the bug itself, but did not offer anything else. To make matters worse I spoke to the manager later in the morning around 8:30am and he stated that his housekeeper says the bug was a "spider" and this was "normal summertime activity." I've written a complai

nt via their web site and am awaiting a response. I'm now home and freaking out about the possibilities of having brought them with me, but will be laundering and inspecting everything.

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I spent a night there in July 14,2011 found a bid bug on the bed , I picked it up with foil paper and brought it down to the front desk. the offered to move me to a different room but i was on my way out anyway. INITIALLY , i WAS NOT SURE WHAT THE BUG WAS BUT i ASKED THE STAFF TO UPDATE ME SO, A MANAGER SPOKE TO ME AND TOLD ME THAT THE EXTERMINATOR WILL BE IN TI IDENTIFY IT AND SUGGESTED THAT i THROW ALL MY CLOTHES IN THE DRYER WHEN I GET HOME.

I stayed at this hotel Dec 10-15, 2010. The first room we stayed in was on the seventh floor. After the first night my room mate had several welts on her collar bones and arms. We thought they may have been spider bites but after looking into it realized they were the typical "breakfast, lunch, dinner" bite pattern for bedbugs. After talking with the front desk, who said there were indications but no proof of bed bugs in the hotel, we were moved to a new room on the top floor which was supposed

to be bug free. I had no bites from the first room but the first morning in the new room I had several bites on my ankles and wrists.
The hotel management was very helpful and understanding and provided hot water washing and drying to kill the bugs in our clothes and bags to package our belongs into. Thankfully this meant we did not bring bugs home with us.

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