Embassy Suites Hotel City Center Philadelphia
1776 Benjamin Franklin Pky
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Found 4 reports:

Checked in on Jan 12 16, next day my legs were itchy. I thought it was just from dryness. stayed 3 nights and legs were very itchy, I didn't even think of beg bugs until I got home and tole my wife my legs were itching.and she looked and said those are bites. I sent an email to the hotel but haven't heard anything. I thing I'll call the Health Dept

9/29 both me and my daughter woke up with bites...I was too grossed out to check. We just left and told the manager. She comped usnparking after I pressed the issue. I will be calling corporate to complain.

Checked in on 10/16/12.
Woke up on 10/17/12 and found a bed bug running across bathroom floor. Killed bed bug.
Noticed bites on that day and also the following day which is when I checked out.

3/25 - Checked in
3/26 - Bites.
3/27 - Bites.