4301 Island Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19153

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During check-in, I asked the representative if they ever had a hotel problem. She responded absolutely not. After I checked in to room 409, I conducted my own investigation because I was skeptical given the many reports of infestation in Philadelphia Hotels. I checked the bed with rubber gloves and a flashlight. All seemed well until I reached the rim of the mattress at the headboard. There, I found a lot of black residue (droppings)which clearly indicated bed bug activity. I showed hotel person

el and he recommended that they move me to another room. They moved me to room 412. Again, I conducted the same inspection. All seemed well until I reached the same location of the mattress just below the headboard. This time, I saw small tan colored bugs as I spreaded the creases apart. They looked like bed bugs that have not fed yet. I was determined that I would not be their food for the night so I went to the front desk and sked for a refund.

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