Pocono Fountain Motel
Route 611
Mt Pocono, PA 18344

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Mid October 2010 my wife and I intended to stay here one night. We did not have booking or reviews checked, just drove by (which was a big mistake). Having "related experience" and being generally knowledgeable and wary about bedbugs, we were about to start to rip the room apart before occupying it.

My wife found too young bedbugs crawling on the wall, so we did not really have to look too hard. We also found signs of at least one other bug being smashed on the wall, just beneath one of the

head boards. Needless to say that we asked for a refund and drove away.
It was interesting that we did not even have to fight the person on duty for a full refund, the problem of 'some kind of bugs' was already known to them. The person also stated upon serving us with the refund that it has already been told to the manager of the place who does not do anything efficient about it.

The room was otherwise just as filthy and run down as many online reviews state it. When we entered there was an unusually strong smell of wood stain, and we also received two strong air freshener rings. Now I know why - to supress the general smell and the potential smell of the bugs.

PS: For the purposes of giving extra credibility to this report, please just read e.g. Tripadvisor comments about this place. Apart from the motel being in terrible shape, there are also earlier reports by others about bedbugs. Management knows about this problem all too well, but does nothing about it.

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