Days Inn Hershey
350 W Chocolate Ave
Hershey, PA 17033

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We recently stayed at the Days Inn from 3/8 to 3/11 and I am proud to say it was Bed Bug free. They recently purchased new mattresses within the last month or so. I followed the rules and did all the recommended checks and found nothing. I just want to remind everyone that we are the carriers of these nasty little creatures, so before blaming the hotel, take some steps to prevent transport when traveling.

I stayed there from 8/23/11 - 8/26/11. Slept in the room for two nights. On the third day I saw a bug crawling across my bed so I got a tissue to kill it. When I killed it it got blood on the sheets so I called housekeeping to change the sheets. When she arrived I told her I saw a bug crawl across my sheets and she said she would check for bed bugs for me. She pulled the mattress back away from the headboard and there were dozens and dozens of bed bugs along the ridge of the box spring. Th

en she checked the other bed and found the same thing. So essentially we had been sleeping in beds with bed bugs for two nights without knowing it. Thankfully none of us got bitten. They agreed to switch my room, but the manager, Robert, was very unconcerned about the whole thing. Told me that its not a cleanliness issue, that people come from NY and bring the bugs with them. Never offered to comp the room or even give me a discount of any kind. I pushed him to the point where he credited my first two nights but not the third. Had I not asked him, he would not have offered. This place is disgusting and apprently not concerned with their bedbug problem since I see reports of this issue that date back to the beginning of 2010. I will never stay here again, and will tell everyone I know about this incident. They ought to be ashamed of themselves. SO GROSS!

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My cousins and I got the only available room for the weekend, so we shared a room between us. When we arrived, we discovered that the shower and tub faucet was broken. The maintenance guy took 90 minutes to repair it, after accusing US of breaking it, finishing the work at 1AM. That wasn't the worst part though... when we finally turned down our bed covers, we found at least 30 dead bugs between the fitted sheet & the flat sheet. It was DISGUSTING!! When we complained to the hotel manager Robert

Frantz the next morning, he had THE WORST ATTITUDE, talking down to us, telling us that we already had a discount on the room, as if that were any excuse for 30 dead bugs in your bed!!!! There were about 30 more dead bugs on the windowsill, which we didn't even mention. My family and I will never stay at a Days Inn again, and as travel manager for my corporation, I will NEVER put any of my employees there. Buyer beware!!

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I agree with most of the other hotel guests. The Days Inn Hersey seemed somewhat clean until I took a closer look at the bed. Black spots and burrow holes on both beds in our room (no doubt from bed bugs). We notified the hotel concierge/front desk manager and they did nothing to acknowledge the issue but merely said if we were not satisfied to stay somewhere else. They did not apologize or offer to put us up in a similarly priced hotel or anything of the sort. I am not surprised that they didn'

t call anyone back about the BED BUG INFESTATION.

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I have stayed at this hotel for several years including my latest trip in October 2010. Never have I received any bites or had to fumigate my luggage. I have had stays on several of the floors and I do not have bed bugs at home. This hotel was just recently renovated and is always very clean. Either these are isolated incidents orsomething is wrong with these accusations.

I stayed there from 10/26/10-10/30/10 on a work trip. I thought I felt itchy while there but brushed it off as being paranoid from staying in a hotel. I had brought my own pillow from home and when I returned home, I found that I was not paranoid and the bugs had hitchhiked from the Days Inn to my home. I had to get rid of all of my bed sheets, pillows, and purchase new ones. I fumigated my luggage and all of the clothing that had been in the room with me. Talk about an inconvenience! The ho

tel manager ignored all 5 of my phone calls. I will never stay here or at another Days Inn ever again!

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September 9th-12th, 2010. We were in town attending a large petcare conference and both myself and my friends, staying in different rooms on the 2nd floor, received bed bug bites. Mine were on my arms and shoulder. Room looked OK, no obvious signs. I only hope that I didn't bring any of them home with me. I certainly won't be staying at that hotel again.

My husband woke up with 32 bites all over his body on August 12th I saw what I thought was a tick one morning in the room but clearly I was wrong. My husband went to the doctor and he told them he had bedbug bites. I called the hotel and the manager never called me back. Complete lack of concern over his customers. Nice. Thank God it didn't happen to one of our kids. We will NEVER go back.

Found bed bugs tucked away in the seam of one of the pillows. Now we have to decontaminate our entire luggage, including our clothes and tote bags. Because of this disgusting bed bug problem we found, we will not be staying here again. Disgusting.

I am pretty sure I picked up bedbugs from this hotel. I had bites there and am now still getting bites, as well as my roommate is now getting bites. I have to burn my luggage, and my body now. Thanks Days Inn.

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