Comfort Inn
8051 Peach St
Erie, PA 16509-4732

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I had a reservation at this hotel for 3/1 - 3/3... when we finally got in (after 4.5 hr drive) after checking the beds found bed bug stains all over the box springs of both beds. So bad that i thought maybe someone spilled juice on the corners but nope i saw one run.....i always check before i put anything down. My son was so scared they were on his teddy cus he put it on the bed for a millisec before i snatched it up. The hotel was very nice and accommodating, they transfered us to the hilton

garden inn which was beautiful and NO BUGS! So far at least. Im a bit freaked myself and im not sure if i even want my kids to do lazer tag, ropes or splash!! I dont need bugs that cost so much to get rid of. :(

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I stayed at this hotel on 1/13/13, in room 124, for 1 night. I am a Diamond member for Choice hotels and stay in over 100 hotels a year. I have run into bedbugs about 4 times in all those stays. I arrived at this hotel to find I had "an upgrade" due to my diamond status. I went to the room and did my usual routine of checking for bedbug signs, putting my luggage up and keeping everything off the floor and bed. The room was very dirty so signs could have easily been missed. I did not see an

y live bugs during the check. I woke up in the morning and turned on the light. I looked at the partition wall as I saw something crawling. I ran over to it and saw an adult bed bug. I tried to capture it to take to the front desk, but it went into a crevice before I could get to it. I then noticed the bites on my right arm. I have about 5 bites there. I have a huge sensitivity to bed bug bites the few times I have had them. They are now huge welts. I went down to the desk to let them know, nobody was at the desk. I waited a few minutes, but had to leave for work, so I took a business card and emailed the manager of the hotel. I sent her pictures of the bites on my arm as well. I have not heard back from them.

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