Neshaminy Inn
2345 W Old Lincoln Hwy
Bensalem Twp, PA 19053

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Me and my girlfriend went to the neshaminy inn to get a night too ourselves away from the kids on Thursday 8/7 we checked in at 3:38p.m after checking in we went up to our room 322 immediately we noticed there supposedly renovated room was filthy at 3:48p.m we went to the front desk and asked for a new room , we said any room will do no matter the price . The afternoon office worker told us every room was either filled or reserved , which was a flat out lie the parking lot was not even half full

. We then returned to our rooms and tried to salvage the night until about 3 a.m when I was awoken by bites on my back I turned the light on to see bed bugs and blood all over my sheets. We went to the office they called the cops , who proceeded to throw us out at 3:30 in the morning. With no car an hour an a 1/2 from home. After being thrown out for having bed bugs and almost being arrested we were told we are not welcome back not once did they apologize or show any kind of responsibility. Me and my girlfriend were treated like drug addict , criminals . I would not allow my animals to stay there . We are from Philadelphia and the bucks county police officers asked us y we were in bucks county and what where we doing at the hotel , it turned from us calling the police , to us almost being arrested the officer went as far as pulling out his handcuffs because I asked y I was being treated like a criminal. My name is james klancic email address [email protected] if anyone who can help reads this please contact us any one with authority can help please do so because what neshaminy inn is doing is a crime they rent u a room kick you out or your forced too leave due to bed bug infestation. They keep all ur money then re rent the rooms without even changing the sheets .I was never treated in such a humane way in my life . All of my calls and complaints fell on deaf ears because I was was repeatedly hung up on and when I went to try to talk the problem out I was escorted out by the police . I really hope a news station or someone with power will step up , this should not be allowed to continue people want to get a night away and end up taking home bed bugs which cost thousands of dollars to be removed and they don't even offer an apology . Please someone out there who can help do so. It is just plain wrong. They should be shut down until they take care of there infestation, it's basically stealing . And no one seems to care bucks county health department should be embarrassed I recorded everything and will be posting it to every social media website I can find, until I get some results. Too many people are taking this lying down. My girlfriend is traumatized left crying and shaking at the way a business could treat there customers. Thank you for reading this some please contact me.

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My fiance and I were waiting for some major repairs to be completed on our home so it was necessary for us to rent a Motel room for a few weeks. We chose The Neshaminy Inn because it is affordable and conviently located to both our jobs. We paid approximately $600.00 up front the day we checked in. We were given a room located directly under the Bar/lounge which was the first problem due to the music from the jukebox being blasted until 2 a.m. We buried our heads under the pillows and tried to g

et some sleep. Within a half an hour of being in bed, my wife and I both were itching all over. So we got up, turned the lights on and to our horror, not only did each of us have between 10 and 15 large, very visible bites on several different locations on our body, upon investigating the sheets and mattress, there were several very large and visible to the naked eye; BEDBUGS! It was almost 2 in the morning but we decided that rather than just call the front desk a face to face with the night manager "Bernie " made more sense. So we told Bernie of our complaint and showed her our bite marks. we asked her if it would be possible to switch rooms. Not only did she refused to change our room her suggestion was that we sleep on the floor to avoid the bedbugs disturbing us! At this point my wife and I were extremely angry and demand a refund of the 2 weeks rent that we had paid upfront. We were then informed that once you pay for the room the money is non refundable no matter what the issue is causing you to request Hey refund! We then requested that she contact higher management or the owner to demand that we get a new room. We refuse to go back in our assigned room and sleep in a bed filled with bed bugs. So we sat on a bench near the front desk and waited for her to call the owner. 2 hours went by as we sat on this hard wooden bench and we still had no response to our complaint! eventually we were so exhausted that we got in our car and went and rented a room somewhere else. We filed an official complaint With the Bucks County Health Department and 2 weeks later are still waiting for our refund for the 2 weeks we paid upfront. the last comment that Bernie made to us when we informed her we would be leaving the motel was that even if she moved us into another room it more likely than not I would also have bed bugs as their motel has a problem with bed bugs! This information coming from the so called night manager! So he'd hour warning people do not waste your time and hard earned money to rent a room in a place that is infested with bed bugs!

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Went to the neshaminy inn 7/23/2010. My wife woke up early in the am and was covered with red bite marks all over her legs and back. I just happened to have slept on top of the sheet, she dud not. Went we went to check out I thought i would get my
money back due wife was covered and itching like crazy. They thanked us and said they would fumigate the room before they rented again. I hope they do the whole place

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