Courtesy Inn
270 Pacific Ave N
Monmouth, OR 97361-1517

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We stayed here 25-27 Nov 2012 for a niece's wedding. We have stayed here before without incident. We were in room 108.

After the first night my wife mentioned having itchy bites, but we didn't look to hard for anything. By the second night, she definitely had some biting going on, but we still didn't know what(we have never encountered bed bugs before...) No-one else (me and two of my sons) seemed to have bites, or seemed to have reactions to any bites.

Third night, about midnight, I w

as still up, she said to me, "I swear there are (bed) bugs here!" Then she said, "Look, there's one now [on the pillow next to my face]". I saw what looks to have been a large bed bug, I squashed it and it left at 1/4" diameter blood stain. Then we looked in, around, her pillow and corner of the bed and found 4 more bugs.

I went to the office (closed) and rang the bell. the clerk came, I told him about the bugs, he came to look but didn't see any. But he moved us to room 103(er, gave us new room keys and we moved ourselves). We checked it thoroughly and found no signs of bugs. But did not sleep very well.

We did not ask, but motel did NOT offer (partial) refund for the issue. Having to change rooms at 1am when we expected a 6:30 departure was reason enough for a refund.

Clerk did give us three large plastic bags (huge) to hold our possibly infested clothing. We did not know the precautions, having left some of our clothes and suitcase on the floor. We got new clothes, took showers, and washed and DRIED everything TWICE, then sprayed 91% isopropyl alcohol on suitcases (soaked them). My wife has not had any more bites since we've been home, so we're hopeful we didn't bring any home with us.

I hate to give the motel a bad reputation, but these bugs were large and well-established. Some staff member SHOULD have been able to determine their presence. But now knowing how hard it is to get rid of them, I want to give others a chance to be able to protect themselves.

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