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[email protected] 1-3 nights a week for work. The night of Dec. 3 2013 I itched all night. The next am I had 8 bites on lower stomach, also had bites on arms(5). After arriving home Dec 4 2013 my wife dicovered my back was covered in red swollen bites! I have photos to remind myself to be more observant.

Oct 18, 2013
Saw bug remains under matress. Nasty feeling. Hope we don't bring them home.

We stayed in room 223 on Sept. 3-4 (2010). Didn't notice bites until the evening of the 4th but thought they were mosquito bites. By the evening of the 5th had 20+ bites and 3 visible bed bugs feasting on my legs. At this point we'd already infected my boyfriend's aunt and uncle's place. Looks like it may cost us somewhere north of $800 to have the pest control service exterminate them at their house. We're going to try and wash EVERYTHING as soon as we're home to avoid a home infestation (

the extermination service recommended we take our luggage into the house in trash bags and wash even the bags immediately).

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room 104

Wife and I check in, get settled into bed, turn out the lights to go to sleep. An hour later she asks me if something is biting me. I hop up flip the lights on and pull back the cover and find 10+ bugs scattering. She pulled one off her chest. We shook out our clothes put them on and split.

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