Clarion Hotel Airport Oklahoma City
737 S Meridian Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73108-1601

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We checked in at the Clarion (Meridian) Hotel on 5/29/09 and were registered to stay for 3 nights. I woke up on the morning of the 30th with bites on my leg - 5 total - that had not been there when I went to sleep.
I reported this at the front desk, I also looked for bedbug markings on sheets and on the mattress and did not see anything unusual.
We left for softball games and came back later,
the clerk at the front desk told me that management had checked the room and found no indications of

bedbugs present.
We paid and checked out, found lodging at a nearby hotel. I left my pillow and pajamas
at the Clarion, not wanting to bring any bugs with us and had no further bites at the next location. These bites were NOT mosquitos, there was a cluster of three, one a bit away from them with a clear bite center, and another a bit away from those. They itched initially and then the bites gradually receded.
I am not a bedbug expert, have never had this happen before, but am as sure as I can be that these were bedbug bites. There were also cushioned chairs in this room and I sat in one reading for a long time that night.

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