Hampton Inn and Suites
2610 Nw Cache Rd
Lawton, OK 73505-5236

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This hotel had been a routine booking for us for several years (since the Hampton opened). We visit family in Lawton about every six months or so. This time was the last time. I was bitten at least 10 times and have huge red bumps on my neck and thigh. It took at day for the bumps to come up and then they began to itch. I have never seen a bed bug before but suspected a bite at the Prague Old Town Hilton in 2009 which I reported.

This time I pulled off the mattress cover: I had looked a

t it earlier and did not realize that the bugs were there hidden between the mattress pad and the actual mattress cover. The cover was one of those seal up the mattress types used when there is a danger of bed bugs getting out and about. When I looked at the actual cover under the sheet and the mattress pad, I saw the fresh blood fecal droppings. The welts I had matched the bed bug description and my husband, a physician, concurred. So far he seems to have escaped the bites. It was late when we finally discovered the proof, but I demanded and got another room. This time when I pulled the bed linens off to check, I saw that the mattress had just the fitted washable pad--not the mattress "condom" like in the other room. It was obvious then, that the first room, the one with the bugs, had problems before--and the mattress cover was a cheap solution to a bug problem.

I will say that I photo documented the bites and the blood feces marked mattress cover and sent the photos via my mobile phone to the managers' email addresses I was given by the front desk. I also sent my information on to the Hilton company. No reply--we checked out of the hotel this morning.

My conclusion is that the room we were in at first, 224, had been treated for the bugs before, but rather than remove and destroy the infested mattress, the Hilton Hampton management decided to put a cover on it. Brilliant. I have numerous bed bug bites, which may last for weeks, are unsightly, and they hurt and itch.

My husband and I may have to throw away our luggage and clothes depending on whether or not we can heat items to over 130 degrees and kill the bugs or flash freeze things without ruining them. Everything must be cleaned and super heated or put in a deep freeze for days. I cannot bring bed bug eggs and bed bugs into our home! As soon as we got in from the airport, we had to strip off our clothing in the garage and sort things into sealed plastic bags. We are still trying to troubleshoot this.

I understand that bed bugs are an escalating problem, but hotels are in the business of innkeeping, and they have to take the minimum measure to insure guests' health and comfort. I believe that they should try harder than making least amount of effort and spending the least amount of money. Why put a "sealed" mattress cover on an infested mattress? Buy a new mattress! Destroy the infested one! NO BRAINER! Suffice to say I told them I would not pay a dime for the three nights' at their bug infested hotel. I will have to see what this adventure will ultimately cost us.

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