Holiday Inn-Boardman
7410 South Ave
Youngstown, OH 44512-5719

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I checked in on 12-1-2014. Went to the room and immediately saw a bed bug in the bathroom. Moved rooms and checked out to another hotel in the area.

Late minute trip to Youngstown Ohio, family member passed away and the hotel we had stayed in before was booked so they recommended the holiday inn. Stayed on the second floor and the first morning of waking up in the hotel my daughter had a bed bug on her. We caught the bug and bagged it and called the front desk. They sent up someone right away and proceeded to move us to another room. They were very nice and did not charge us for our stay but I would not have stayed here had I seen this r

eport first.

We did not unpack anything once being moved and only used our room to shower and sleep. They did not offer to have our clothes cleaned so once we got home everything went into a plastic bag and into the dryer on high heat.

Our stay was from February 19 - 22, 2013. I know this can happen in any hotel, just wish I had seen the recent sighting posted.

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During the week of Jan 15-19 2012 a client of the Holiday Inn-Boardman was bitten multiple times by bed bugs. Said client was staying in a room on the fifth floor of the hotel. The hotel paid for the client's doctor's bills and dry cleaning expenses.

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