Holiday Inn Westlake
1100 Crocker Rd
Westlake, OH 44145-1033

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On January 11, 2013, I checked into the Holiday Inn. Upon check-in I was given room 253. When I made it up to the room it smelled stale. So I started looking around the room because a funny feeling came over me. I looked at the curtains and they were dirty but I did not pay it any mind. So I turned off the light and used my cellphone light to see if I could see any bed bugs. I did not see any so I felt a little comfortable. OH OH to my surprise, the next morning I woke up at 7am and I notice bla

ck stains on the pillows and the sheets. I started looking around but did not notice anything. Around 9am I started looking again because the black stains began to multiply and unbeknownst to me guess what I started seeing crawling around on the bed and the pillows - bed bugs. I immediately picked up the phone to call the front desk. While the phone was ringing for the front desk I see another bed bug lying on the nightstand on its back. I informed the front desk clerk that the room had bed bugs and she stated she will call me right back. The front desk clerk called me right back and informed me that she would move me to another room. I thought about it and I informed her that I did not want another room I was leaving. She informed me that she would not charge me for the room and her General Manager would be calling. I took pictures of these little things and I trapped one in a bottle cap on the bed. I informed the front desk clerk that if the housekeeper would move the bottle cap they would see the bug. The front desk clerk asked me to send her the pictures of the bed bugs so she can forward them to her GM. I sent the pictures to her. The GM never called me so I had to call her. When she did return my call not one time did she apologize for my inconvenience. Her conversation was stating that she has to have an exterminator come before she could say if they had bed bugs or not. Oh yeah, she stated that the pictures I sent her she could not tell if the bug was a bed bug or not. From this conversation with the GM I felt she was calling me a liar about informing them of their bed bugs problem. On top of her indirectly calling me liar, I had to stop her and tell her not one time during our whole conversation did she apologize. Oh yeah, I have bed bug bites going up and down both of my arms and on my hands. I work in a profession where I deal with people and this is very un-attracted that I am walking around showing all these marks. In my opinion, GM had a very lack of attitude and did not care. I would avoid this hotel at all cost.

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