Buck Creek State Park
1901 Buck Creek Ln
Springfield, OH 45502-8876

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Stayed in Cabin 12 6/2012 and actually saw one on me. Had to throw away alot of our stuff, wash and dry everything we could. And other items stayed out in our shed for a year. Needless to say we did not go this year. Very sad because we had been going for about 4 years and enjoyed our time there.

7/24/2013-7/26/2013. Cabin 14 bedroom with single bed. I had 9 bites the first night on neck and chest but did not know what they were. On second night (showing up over the next two days) were over 30 bites and welts on my inner arms, back, and chest. I've been reading extensively about bed bug bites and looking at photos and I'm sure that is what they are. I talked with someone at the park office who was very dismissive and said they would call me back but no one has. Still waiting for the call


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Saw an adult bedbug on pillow in the morning. I squashed it. Looked for evidence of other bugs but did not find any, although i did not use a flashlight and rooms are quite dark.

This was Cabin 12. June 16, 2013.

It was a bed bug for sure.

I left a note for the staff telling them I had found and killed a bedbug.

I hate bedbugs.. they are so sneaky. Bagged as much of our stuff as we could in the large black plastic garbage bags, tied them shut.
Packed up, went home and now am was

hing and drying everything i can. Sealing everything else up in bags till i can spray them with sterifab and then rebag stuff and let any hitch hikers die!

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I should add this is a dog allowed cabin. So, perhaps it was fleas. I hope!

My husband & I both got horrible bites in Cottage 12 this past June. Looked for signs of bugs but did not find them. Husband said he found a tick but I'm afraid he may have been wrong. Bites have still not healed. Not sure what was in there but bites were BAD!

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