Best Western
1734 E Perry St
Port Clinton, OH 43452-1426

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I am the Manager of Best Western in Port Clinton, Ohio.
We take reports of bed bugs very seriously.
We have gone through the training that Best Western provides for us. Rooms are checked frequently. Our housekeepers are trained to check
for bed bugs while stripping rooms and cleaning
the rooms. We would never leave a room on line if
there were bed bugs present.
Bed Bugs have become a problem in the United States the last few years. You can pay $400.00 a night in New York City and sti

ll have the possibility of bed bugs. It has nothing to do with cleanliness or the amount of money you pay for a room. Bed bugs are brought into the motel/hotel unknowingly by a guest.
It really is no ones fault. We all just need to continue to be diligent using procedures to prevent and get rid of them.

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Checked into Room 215 on September 19, 2013 and woke up at 2:00 a.m. feeling something crawling on my arm and my neck. Got out of bed and went into the bathroom and when I turned the light on I realized I picked a bug off of my neck. After freaking out, turned the light on in the room and found bugs on my pillow and sheets along with blood spots on sheets from them biting me. Flipped mattress up and there were more. Took them down in a cup of water and showed them to the girl working desk.

She was very kind and sympathetic and offered us another room or a refund. We chose the refund because at that point we were to upset to sleep anywhere. We ended up leaving 2:30 in the morning on a motorcycle in a storm because of this incident. I don't like bugs to begin with, but when you actually wake up from a dead sleep feeling things crawling on you and then realizing you have been sleeping with these creatures and your blood is on the sheets will totally freak you out and you will never want to stay at another hotel. Hopefully, they are taking care of the problem before it gets way out of control! On the positive side......the staff were all very kind and helpful.

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