Comfort Inn East Oregon
2930 Navarre Ave
Oregon, OH 99999

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We were staying at the Comfort Inn in Orgeon for a wrestling tournament. One of the boys saw a friend from Lorain that was checking out because they were taken to several rooms and they all had bedbugs. He returned to the room and told the other boys. One said he wondered if that's what bit him. Then another boy laid down and saw a bug crawling toward him. My son killed it and called the mother of one of the boys, who worked for Huron County Health Department until recently taking a job at a loc

al hospital. She looked at the bug, and checked the mattresses and immediately found another bedbug. The coach was notified, called the front desk, and was told they would move the boys to a double queen room. This was at 11:40 at night. They got moved to a room with a king bed and a sleeper sofa. The sleeper sofa was extremely uncomfortable. My son couldn't sleep due to the fact that the couch was uncomfortable with a twelve inch gap between the bed and cushion that the pillows kept falling down, and the fact that he was concerned with bugs crawling all over him. I called the hotel and spoke to Michelle, who I felt, continuously put me off. And she also insulted the professional knowledge of the mother who is a nurse, and worked for the health department. The girl on Friday night told the nurse that they were having problems with bugs, but Michelle insisted otherwise. She kept refering to an inspection. As we were discussing the situation in the bleachers at the tournament, another child from Lorain (a different room, room 140) asked if we were talking about the hotel. He said that they killed six bugs, put them in a cup, and called the front desk. They moved the Lorain kids and offered to do their laundry for free. We are asking for a refund of $90.35 for room 120, first because of the bed bugs, and second because they were not given a room with what was promised (double queen beds) when they were moved to a different room. The children stayed to get rest for a very big and important tournament. They had to be up and to the school by 7AM. They were moved at 11:40 and my son and the other boys were unable to get a good nights rest for the reasons stated earlier. We are also requesting that the fee they we paid Huron County Health Administration be reimbursed. We paid $68 to have a trained dog sniff out the bags for bedbugs, as we did not want to bring this problem home. We drove an extra 50 miles out of our way late Saturday night. We also had to follow health care precautions which ruined several expensive clothing items. All the extra hours have been expensive, inconvenient, and exhausting.

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