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My son and I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express at 1215 Sanctuary View Drive from December 28- December 30. I awoke Sunday to burning and itching all over my body. When i got out of bed I saw a bug on my pillow. I quickly took the pillow out to the maid in the hallway because I had a feeling it was a bed bug. The maid promptly took the pillow and called the front desk personnel. That's when I saw that I had red bite marks covering my body. I went into the bathroom and found hundreds of bites fro

m my feet all the way up into my hair. When the hotel personnel came up they tried telling me that they did not believe that they were bed bugs but they were going to close the room off and comp. the room. Luckily my son's hockey team has some parents that are doctors and after looking at the bites and the bug they confirmed what I believed to be true in the beginning. The hotel staff was completely not helpful. First they said that they would comp. the room but they didn't know how to so we would have to wait until the manager worked. Then they still never admitted that it was bed bugs, they kept saying, yes even after doctors confirmed it, that they didn't believe that it was bed bugs. Then when asked what we are supposed to do to protect ourselves against taking it home they had no answers. We were never contacted by the Holiday Inn the following days.Finally on Wednesday I contacted them again to find out , after researching about bed bugs, who was going to pay for all of the extra expenses because of the bed bugs. All of our son's hockey equipment was in the hotel and you can not simply throw it in a dryer. Also most of the clothes that we had were new Christmas clothes and what if they are ruined with the extreme hot water and temperature of the dryers since you have to put the clothes, some of which are hang dry, in the dryer for a half an hour to an hour. Right now all of our stuff is in garbage bags in our unattached garage. The response we got from the hotel, upon me having to contact them, was that they comped the the room and that is all they were willing to do, although they did admit it was bed bugs. The hockey equipment can not simply be thrown in a dryer it has to be specially cleaned in certain machines, which we do not have any around where we live. So are we to just throw his equipment away and by him all new?! While I understand the hotel did not mean for this to happen it did and at their hotel. The fact that they are so unprofessional and unwilling to admit any fault or take any responsibility to me is horrible customer service! I have not been able to sleep because of the itching and burning since I came down with these. I can not take Benadryl during the day because I have to work and can not be drowsy. My face and neck are covered with them so I have people constantly asking what is wrong with me. Although I understand that it is a temporary thing it does not make me feel any better. When I tell people what it is they get this look on their face and stay away from me, as if it's my fault. This has been a horrible experience all the way around!

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