Hampton Inn Columbus Dublin
3920 Tuller Rd
Dublin, OH

Found 3 reports:

We stayed in room 230. The room looked very clean and we were not worried about bed bugs. My husband woke up in the night and found a bug on his neck about 330am and hit it. We are pretty sure it was a bed bug, same size, legs and body type. I like to give the benefit of doubt but after reading the other review for this hotel it makes me petrified they came home with us.

I broke out with red bumps all over my arms and lower back, went to the doctor who told me I had bed bug bites. I stayed at only one hotel this month and it was last week at ths hotel. Room 525

Bedbug found the next morning! The woman at the front desk was helpful, but the maintenance man and another man (I believe the manager on duty) said it was "just" a bug, and not a bedbug. However, the woman at the front desk gave me garbage bags to bag up all my stuff! When I returned home late that night, there was a voicemail from the hotel that they took a closer look and the bug WAS A BEDBUG!!!! And, a LARGE ONE!

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