Comfort Inn North
1213 E Dublin Granville Rd
Columbus, OH 43229-3301

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Sept 29, 2010

AVOID THIS PLACE!! I was in town for a trade show with other employees. I had checked this website and knew there had been problems but corporate travel booked the rooms and wouldn't change them. Three people were bitten by bed bugs. Management comped one night's stay. They admitted there was a problem, said they had sprayed some rooms and other treatments were too expensive. Many other problems as well. Generally not safe; notice in the lobby to remove all valuables from

your car. One of our female employees was verbally accosted in the hallway on the way to her room. Rooms are in various states of disrepair; TVs don't work, plumbing problems, non-smoking rooms that smelled of smoke. Food that was still frozen in chafers on the breakfast bar.

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I am a hotel manager for an upscale hotel brand that I will not mention, but I just stayed at this Comfort Inn over the weekend and awoke to find multiple bites all over my neck, arms, and back. Since I work in hotels, I have been trained on where to look and what they look like, and this room that I stayed in without a doubt had bed bugs. I reported it to the front desk was given a business card to call the manager of the property. He apologized and stated that I would not be charged for the ro

om, but my concern is that no one actually went to the room to check on anything. I do not want this to happen to anyone else, and I am not sure how seriously it was taken by the staff at the hotel. This room should be placed out of order and the mattresses should be thrown away. The room number that I stayed in was room 231.

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Two adults-two beds. Awakened to discover bedbugs in both beds. It was reported to the front desk. Has been reported to manager.
Date of stay:May 27, 2009.
Location:Comfort Inn North
1213 Dublin-Granville Rd.
Columbus, Ohio43229

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