Intercontinental Suites Hotel Cleveland
8800 Euclid Ave
Cleveland, OH 44106-2038

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I stayed this hotel for 5 days in Oct. 2015. I found some bites from second night. But I can not understand what happens to me. Finally, I got many bites during my stay. The parts are limited to arms, neck, legs. I can not look for the bugs, but my situation is believed to be due to Bedbugs. After leaving this hotel, I am now receiving treatment.

We picked this place over the other 2 that are on the Cleveland Clinic campus because we could have 2 rooms, and they are supposed to be the cleanest. We stayed here for 25 days following my surgery at the Cleveland Clinic. When I returned home, I was admitted into my local hospital due to an infection. My Dr. and I could not figure out the what the bites were that I had all over my legs, arms & stomach. Our house had become infested and we lost everything...all our bedroom furniture, rugs, & li

ving room furniture. Not to mention the countless hours at the laundromat. We had to remove panelling and found the bed bugs were in my wall outlets. We know they came from here, due to the fact I had the bites when I came home from there. Recently we had to go back for my 6 month check-up. We took 2 planes to get there, I had my tests, saw my Dr. and then returned the same day with 2 more planes. We will never vacation again...we went through so much.

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