Hilton Garden Inn Cleveland Downtown
1100 Carnegie Ave
Cleveland, OH 44115-2806
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Damn! After spending just one night at a so-called Hilton , We woke up to bug bites on our bodies ! We understood that this was a hotel in a bad area but wow! The hotel said that this was not the usual but didn't do anything about it but offer a free breakfast which was horrible food! Then we read the reviews after we stayed there.Wish we would have read them before.Never stay at this hotel!

As a "former" (not disgruntled) Maintenance Engineer,I can personally comment to the bed bug issue,known as a "BB" at this facility (as well as numerous other issues).
Being witness to the Marine Corps Pilot's comments.
I was there as one of the maintenance techs who responded to the complaint. This hotel's bedbug issue is real...very real (having taken pictures). This,among other issues is a direct reflection on the supposed "Executive Housekeeper", more concerned about cutting costs by only

giving housekeepers 15 minutes to clean a room and sending them home early...to garner favor with upper management.This person in a position of power will do anything and say anything (and even outright lie) to propel "up the ladder" , as experienced by myself. Numerous companies were contracted to deal with the bedbug issue with scarce results. Negligence on the part of the Executive Housekeeper is what it boils down to.This hotel has undergone many issues including recent foreclosure causing an upheaval internally.
Why speak now after a few years? Because the issues obviously continue by the posts listed here,plain and simple. I have moved on to another hotel and am much happier.

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Woke up to blood on the pillow Friday, November 29, 2013. Room 1124. Looked in the mirror and had bed bug bites on my face near the temple in a straight row. I never found any actual bedbugs, but when I took the pillows out of the pillow cases, the pillows had black fecal stains. The top sheet did too, in clusters, especially where it had been tucked in, but also in an area above where my legs had been. When I checked in, I pulled the fitted sheet off the mattress, and the mattress looked im

maculate. Evidently I didn't do a thorough enough check. I checked out immediately, 3 days early. Staff and management seemed genuinely upset, did not act doubtful, and were very apologetic. They did not charge for the room or the meals I had charged to my room(excellent meals by the way). It's a shame because it's a nice moderately priced hotel in a great location.

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During Marine Week in Cleveland,Ohio. After staying one night in a double queen bed room on the 9th floor, I woke up with numerous bites on My neck. Upon inspecting the beds,I found no less than 7 bedbugs crawling around.One was crawling up the wall.I notified the front desk and they sent maintenance to inspect the room.(They said that this was rare,but I found that hard to believe). They captured the bedbugs and My luggage and uniforms were inspected, then I was moved to another room.I know tha

t bedbugs do not transmit disease but,what a creepy experience ! I do understand that inner city hotels may be subject to bedbugs,but to watch them crawl around on the beds and walls....wow! No restitution was offered from this hotel given the situation. I referred the issue to My C.O. for review.
Anonymous:Rank Major
MOS: Pilot
United States Marine Corps.

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