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I stayed at this location on November 2nd & 3rd. Our initial room was 319. My husband checked the bed three times the night before we went to bed and found no signs of bed bugs. We awoke in the morning to several bed bugs crawling on the bed. We immediately packed our bags and went to the front desk. The manager was very curtious and booked us in another room on the first floor. The bad thing about it is we were with several kids, one of which is my daughter and they all stayed in different room


What an ordeal to go through. When we arrived home after our trip, we had to undress in the garage and leave all of our luggage in the garage as well. Everything had to be ran in a very hot dryer for 30 minutes. (I guess the heat kills them). We had to buy spray to spray my car. My husband had to miss a day of work to do all of this because I was sick.

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To echo what my friend just posted, I stayed in room 312 with two other friends on July 20, 2012 (five of us total, 2 in another room) and found a bed bug crawling on the bathroom floor just before we were about the retire for the night. We captured the bug and turned it into the front desk. We immediately vacated both rooms and went somewhere else. The hotel reimbursed us for the rooms. Because of the fear and possibility of bringing bedbugs home with us and infecting 5 families, I had to pay

$159 to a local pest control company to have a K-9 inspection of my car, suitcase, and home. Fortunately, nothing was found. BE AWARE & USE THIS WEBSITE!!!!

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My friends & I stayed @ this location this weekend we called the health Dept to ck on the bed bugs reported @ this hotel & they stated that they checked 20% of the hotel & told us what to look for we went & throughout inspected the rooms later that evening my friend found one crawling on the bathroom floor of their 3rd for room. We took it down stairs & they did refund our money but please be aware before u book here we now have the worry of not knowing if we brought them home with us. We were l

ucky enough to find another hotel @ 11:30 at night

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I wrote earlier that I found a bedbug in the couch of the room that I stayed in on June 3rd, 2012. I stated that I had not heard back from the General Manager however I am writing to let you know that I was contacted and refunded the cost of my room. I am happy that the hotel found me as a valuable customer. Thank you!

I found a bedbug crawling on the green couch in room #404.I checked in the Comfort Suites (Omniplex Dr) June 3, 2012. I contacted the General Manager the following day and have yet to hear back from her.

I trapped bedbug in a cup and took it to the front desk and John, the night clerk told us there was nothing he could do other than offer us a different room and suggested we call the general manager in the morning. Needless to say, after reading that another person reported bedbugs on the 4

th floor, I refused to stay their & checked out.

I would not stay there again because it does not appear that management is responsive to reports of bedbugs. I did not receive any type of refund or response (as the GM promised). It is odd to me that a few months ago bedbugs were reported on the 4th floor and again I am there in June in room 404 and I see a bedbug.

I am going to call the Health Department. Not sure what they will do however I would like to properly report it and create a trail for other hotel guest who may consider staying there again.

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I had just changed rooms from the 4th floor room I had been in for two nights. The new room was right next door to the first room I was in. I had dozed off mid-morning on the bed watching tv, and when I woke up and pulled the sheets back, I saw a bed bug crawling across the bedsheet. I quickly caught it alive and put it into and empty coffee cup with a lid. I took it down to the front desk and showed them - and they apologized profusely.

I had checked the mattresses before I stayed in both o

f the rooms, and neither had any tell-tale signs of bedbugs or their droppings. They all looked perfectly clean.

The hotel refunded some of my money and I checked out of there within the hour. The hotel staff said they'd notify the exterminator who comes monthly.

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We checked into our room around midnight on 08/19/11 on our 1st day of our minivacation to Kings Island. To make a long (and itchy) story short, the next morning we, my wife and 2 daughters showered and went to the park. As the day progressed, so did the itching. My wife apologized thinking she may have put too much detergent in the laundry. So every 'oasis' we passed I would relieve the itching by passing under the drizzling fog of water. Upon returning to the hotel for a second night they put

us in room 117. The first night was room 408. We watched tv while the girls swam in the pool. The next morning I was awoke by my wife screaming 'holy $h!t!' bedbugs! Now, as I am aware my wife is normally a quiet 'hypochondriac', I dismissed her panic and rolled over only to find myself face to face with one of these buggers. My wife went to the receptionist and informed her of the problem. The GSR was very nice and understanding and stated they would have our belongings dry cleaned and mailed to our address.
I'm not upset that we had a room with bedbugs, I'm upset that we had 2 rooms on 2 separate floors with bedbugs and obviously documented complaints.

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We stayed at the Comfort Suites 08/07/2011 after losing power due to the recent storms. We went to our room and noticed the mattresses were covered with plastic bags - an exterminator told us that was a sign the hotel had probably experienced a bed bug incident. When we questioned the person at the counter she advised us they had not had any reports of bed bugs. My daughter woke up in the middle of the night with two bed bugs in her bed. I had been bitten several times and my wife killed 2 bed b

ugs and caught a third - making for a total of 5 bed bugs...we went downstairs immediately and checked out. They also charged us for a three day stay when we weren't there for 5 hours. We will be speaking to the Hotel about receiving a credit for the overcharge.

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