Days Inn Oswego
101 Rt-104
Oswego, NY 13126

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Me and a few friends spent the night from 04/06/2013-04/07/2013 the room is pretty bare but as stated in other comment you get what you pay for. Thebeds were pretty comfortable but we found it odd that they didn't have fitted sheet on the mattress just a flat sheet. after laying in the bed for twenty minutes after checking in we went on with our day as the day progressed I noticed I had a bite on me but assumed it was from somewhere else because I only laid in the bed for 20 minutes. I didn't n

otice any more bites on me after that even when I woke up in the morning. but now that I am home two days later I noticed my toddler son who I share the bed with due to his breathing problems has bites on his leg and there's blood on the sheets from his leg bites. we've never had a problem with bed bugs or anything along those lines I don't see signs of them other than the bites yet but will keep looking and write an update.

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This place was pretty dirty and had the bare essentials for $69.99. The walls are paper thin and you could hear traffic on 104 from trucks to cars all night long. The ceilings are also paper thin, which you can hear any upstairs neighbors roaming around. I ended up getting 2 hours of uninterrupted sleep during a 5 hour span. In the morning, while showering, I noticed weird bite marks on my abs and front left quadricep. It might not be bedbugs, but maybe fleas from a pet?

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