Wyndham Garden Hotel Chelsea
37 W 24th St
New York, NY 11224

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Resently I stayed here and had gotten bit. The room has bed bugs. It's gross. If you want to enjoy your stay and be comfortable go to another hotel even if it's more money it's worth it.

I stayed in room 1001 from September 25-September 28, 2014, with three other guests. Two double beds - one by the window and one by the bathroom. I was sleeping in the bed by the window, on the side nearest to the window/AC unit. I laid down for a nap with my head at the bottom of the bed/feet at the top on Saturday, September 27, and when I woke up I felt a slight itch on my right ankle. About a half hour later, my ankle had two bright red, itchy, swollen bites on it. For the duration of the ev

ening and weekend the itching got worse and worse.

After doing some research post-trip, the bite marks are definitely from bed bugs. No other members of my party were affected and I only have the two bites so I'm not sure of the severity of the infestation in room 1001. While my luggage was on the rack all weekend and had minimal contact with the floor or bed, I still washed all clothing and threw away my suitcase and a few other non-washable items.

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chambre 701, mon fils a eu des morsures. Je suis un peu deçue. Le tout semblait bien propre.

4 of us stayed in a room for 1 night. (The other night was just 2 of us) 3 of us have bites all over our arms, hands and neck. I usually check for bed bugs upon arrival. Sadly, this time I did not

I had no problems with the hotel when I was there, but but when I got home it was an entirely different story. I travel to New York a lot for work and have never had a problem, so I wasn't overly paranoid about bed bugs. I stayed at the hotel for 3 nights and did my normal thorough inspection of the room when I arrived - checked the bed (creases, between mattresses, under the sheets) and saw no signs, so I didn't think too much more about it. I kept my luggage on the luggage rack and kept my stu

ff away from the bed. Upon arriving home and searching through my suitcase for something, I saw a bed bug crawling on a piece of clothing! I confirmed the picture on the internet and immediately laundered everything and immediately threw out what I couldn't launder.

I called the hotel the next day (after spending the night I got home taking care of everything despite being exhausted from my trip) and they were quick to blame the Javits Center, where I had been during my stay, or my mode of transportation. I took a private car, so that wasn't it, and my luggage had been in a secure area not near other luggage while in the Javits Center - so that was less likely as well. They told me that they have bed bug sensors in the rooms (obviously that didn't work out too well!) and have exterminators come every month. Yes you can get them anywhere in NYC, but I would say it was more likely I got the bug in the hotel. My three co-workers who were also in that hotel had no issues when they inspected their luggage, however they were a few floors up.

So be cautious when staying here. The bathroom is tiny but you might be able to keep all your stuff in there - it's safer. I was on the third floor in Room 304.

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