Windsor Hotel
108 Forsyth St
New York, NY

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July 25th - got lots of bites and the hotel didnt really care

I stayed at this hotel for one night on July 30, 2014. I was aghast and dismayed to see TWO bedbugs crawling on my bed the next morning. I washed everything in hottest water cycle after returning home. I should've thrown everything away. Now I have several bug bites and itching. I'll get the canine bug team to check out my home.

I wish I had known about this registry sooner. I am not going to stay in any hotel without checking out the registry first.

Please find my letter to the hotel which sums up my horrific experience at this horrendous hotel. DO NOT STAY HERE!

To whom it may concern,

I stayed at your establishment, The Windsor Hotel, in Chinatown on the evening of 8/31/13 overnight to 9/1/13. Me and several of my friends were in NYC to perform at an event. This woman paid for our expenses, including the room that we stayed in, which is why the room is in her name. My friends and I were excited for this opportunity to be in NYC; ho

wever, our stay was nothing as we expected and we ended up in a very distressing situation as a result of your hotel.
The morning I woke up (9/1/13) I saw that I had one or two bites on my legs. I thought maybe a mosquito was in the room, etc. and didn't think any further of the bites. As I drove home to Boston that afternoon, more bites arose. And even more that evening and the morning after. I went to see medical personnel who informed me that they were bed bug bites and that I needed to take necessary precautions to ensure I did not carry them home with me on my luggage, clothes, etc. I was given the number of a man who has a dog that comes in to your home an sniffs out any potential bed bugs. This is a $50,000 dog and each visit costs $295. Furthermore, to ensure my health and safety, I had this dog come into my apartment. Thank God, my unit was clear. However, I of course had to pay the $295. Not only did I pay that money, but I am still dealing with the after effects of these bites. Itchiness, pain, bruising, swelling, etc. and needless to say it has been a stressful, painful, worrisome week for me.
Additionally, the friend that slept in the same bed as me also got bit all over her body! She noticed the bites several days after mine, as the bites can have a latency period. Now I am coaching her on what to do to alleviate the situation.
Even more astounding, I was informed by a coworker about a bed bug registry online. As I went to look up your hotel, you had already had two outbreaks this summer. Unbelievable. Did you do your duty to ensure your rooms were clear of bed bugs? Do you inform your visitors of the history of bed bugs and what you have done to eliminate the problem? don't. Because there are still bed bugs in your establishment.
I am disgusted, horrified, and utterly dissatisfied with your hotel. I am requesting full reimbursement for the room in addition to the service I had done to my apartment (295$). I should ask for supplementary compensation for pain and suffering; however I feel these two reimbursements and never staying at your establishment ever again will suffice to leave this matter in the past.
My email is ... You can also reach me by phone at ... I intend on hearing from you in the near future and addressing/resolving this issue as soon as possible.

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Stayed 3nights, after 1st night they changed our room due to bed bugs. Couldnt sleep the last 2 nights due to itching. I am covered in bites face to toe. Had to seek medical attention.

Totally ruined our vacation. Me, my wife and kids got bites all over the body. Horrible experience. Caught several bugs red handed 3AM and the front desk 'nicely' asked us the move to a room at first floor. Then we heard other guests are yelling and complaining with the front desk throughout the night. Now we are in the danger of contaminating our home as this thing spreads fast. Had to seek medical assistance after we returned. I am in the process of taking legal actions against them. The hotel

looks like a bargain, but you should avoid by all means.

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Stayed a night in a room on 5th floor. I had 30 bites...

Stayed two nights and have bites all over my body! Even on my face!


Stayed in room on 5th floor in August 2012. It was infested!. The hotel didn't care, they just handed me a can of cockroach spray to spray the bed with! I have bites from my face down to my feet. I had to seek immediate medical attention. Two weeks later I am full of sores and still itchy. Management refuse to speak to me. Management refuse to refund the nights accommodation. I have spent more than $600 including having to throw away my luggage, gifts I bought for family, medication and I

had to cut my holiday stay short and leave NYC early without experiencing the city. Don't book here, you will regret it and the Management don't care. Report them to 311 when in NYC and lodge a complaint on the Better Business Bureau website. It will take years for the scars on my body to fade.

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Staying 4 nights in late May/early June. Found a bed bug on the ceiling of the room on the third floor. Afraid to check the beds.

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