Westin New York Times Square
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New York, NY

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August 28, 2015

We stayed four night in room 1614. Perfectly clean room in every way! Great location. Very clean. NO BUGS!!!!


My name is Sean Cassidy and I am the new Hotel Manager at the Westin New York at Times Square. I would love the chance to speak with you and would appreciate if you could contact me at your convenience.

My e-mail address is [email protected]

I look forward to connecting with you.


I stayed at the Westin NY Times Square on 09/03/2013. Staff was wonderful however I am covered in bed bug bites on my neck, chest, arms and legs. I always assumed that by paying more and staying at nicer hotels I would not encounter these issues but will be more dilligent in the future. I have emailed the hotel to advise them of my room # (2003) so they make take the appropriate action to clean this room.

Most people would not know a bed bug if they saw it bite them.

I stayed here from Jun 2-4 2013 and I had a series of small bites/itchiness starting the 4th. Sure enough, those bites now appear to be bed bug bites. Management said they would get back to me but I have emailed and no one has called me back to confirm. Terrible service by the management.

Dear Ben C,

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with feedback regarding your recent stay with us.

I would love the opportunity to speak with you to discuss your experience and to verify your actual room number which will enable us to take the next steps regarding inspections and notifications. I would appreciate if you could contact me at your convenience.
My email address is: [email protected]

All the best,

Marlon A. Whyte
Hotel Manager
The Westin New York at Tim

es Square

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was in NY at the Westin this past monday - 6/3/13
stayed in room #3037. was a late arrival (after 9pm) and was out of the room by 8am. on my flight home i noticed a lot of inching on my ankel, upon further inspection it looks like bed bug bites - there are about 15-20 noticeable bites.

NO BEDBUGS. My daughter, 3 y.o. granddaughter and myself. Stayed at this hotel January 5-6, 2012, on the 43rd floor in a 2-bed room. Very clean, well maintained, excellent service. Checked both beds before we unpacked, and there were no signs. Had a wonderful night's sleep.

Whatever they are doing right, keep doing.

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with valuable feedback about your recent stay with us.
I would love the opportunity to speak with you to be able to investigate the room in question and take the proper protocols vis-a-vis inspections and notifications. I would appreciate if you could contact me at your convenience.
My email address is: [email protected]

Thanks again

Marlon A. Whyte
Hotel Manager
Westin New York at Times Square

Just returned home from a lovely trip to NY. Chose the Westin Times Square because it is so close to theater district. I had checked the registry and lately the hotel seemed to be getting good reports.
It looked clean and well maintained...attentive staff. BUT...upon unpacking...I noticed I brought home a guest....A BED BUG! It was crawling among my things...SO...I wrapped everything up in a black trashbag...will put it in the sun to bake..and hopefully the one I found will be the only one.

Neither my friend or I got bitten...we just came home with a guest...
I have written to the hotel about this...but no response yet.

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Stayed in room# 4429 on May 12, 2012. Beautiful room. No bed bugs to report at all. Nice hotel.

I stayed at the Westin Times Square August 30th and 31st. At various times during the stay I felt itching and small bites, but not having experienced bed bugs previously I ignored these episodes. On the morning of checkout I noticed a bright red spot on one arm. By mid-morning both arms showed multiple red marks, which were quite itchy.

Three of us stayed here 4/3 - 4/6/2011, all in separate rooms. Two of us had housekeeping check our rooms before we went in, and then we checked them ourselves. The lady at the front desk said they had had a bit of a problem previously but they no longer did. Anyway, none of us had any problem at all. Not a bug or sign of a bug in sight. We were extremely relieved.

Stayed at the Westin Times Square this past weekend. Our room was 2237 and I checked it over VERY carefully. I'm a travel writer so I am really a fanatic about checking the rooms for any bugs, cleanliness, etc. Our room was fine; absolutely no evidence of bugs and was pristinely clean. (I always stash the luggage in the bathtub on arrival and hang the clothes on the shower rod instead of the closet... and never ever walk barefoot on any hotel room carpet! ) The staff here was very pleasant and

helpful. The front desk staff did deny that the hotel has ever had any bedbug issues at all, EVER(I always ask upon checking in, to see when the room was last inspected.) Given the recent bedbug explosion among Times Square hotels which has been well documented, this was hard to believe -- but as I said, our room was A-OK. I would definitely stay there again.

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Stayed here December 14th, roo, was very clean and no bed bugs.

Stayed here for 7 days on business and was a bit concerned about staying in any NY hotel because of the bed bug reports. I'm happy to say I check the sheets, mattresses, etc. thoroughly (i'm a bit OCD when staying in hotels) and found no signs of bed bugs. I stayed in 2 rooms (rm 3230 & 4437) and found no sign of bugs in either one. Staff was more than accommodating.

My daughter,myself,a friend and her daughter stayed at the Westin from 11/5 to 11/9 and our room was clean dailey and we saw no signs of bed bugs nor any bugs in sight. Our stay was pleasant and we had a great time. Looking forward to going back. I will definitley be staying at the Westin. #1 in my book.

I stayed at this hotel the weekend of 11/5/10 and had absolutely no encounters with bed bugs. The hotel seemed very clean!

I just spent one week at this Westin location (10/9-10/15/2010) with no problems at all. Very professional staff and clean room. Thank you Westin Times Square for making my business travel very comfortable. I'll be back. Dan

I just spent one week at this Westin location (10/9-10/15/2010) with no problems at all. Very professional staff and clean room. Thank you Westin Times Square for making my business travel very comfortable. I'll be back. Dan

We stayed at the Westin Times Square for 2 nights on Sept 23 & 24th 2010 during that time we had no bed bugs and had a wonderful time

Dear Westin Guest,

The health and safety of our guests, along with the cleanliness of our property, are top priorities. Our housekeeping practices and room inspections are thorough and vigilant. For years Starwood has trained our room attendants to inspect for any infestations while cleaning the room. We also have 2 companies that inspect all of our rooms regularly. We are aggressive and proactive in our approach with all the Starwood mandated pest control policies that are in place.

n respect to this specific issue, the room was inspected by our licensed pest elimination company and no evidence of bed bugs were discovered. We encourage you to contact our hotel directly in order to speak about this matter in more detail. Please call us at 212 201 2700.
Thank you
The Westin New York at Times Square

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Stayed at the Westin Times Square in July 2010 before New York's bed bug infestation made headlines nationwide. I returned to New York for business on September 14-16. Give the reports on this site, I thought it wise to inspect my room in detail. Within two hours of checking into room 1733, I killed five insects. I cannot confirm if one was a bed bug (didn't study entomology), but when squashed it had red blood. One insect was definitely a mosquito. Attached is a link to the pictures of the room

. Given the deplorable housekeeping, it would not surprise me if there was a bedbug outbreak at the Westin Times Square. Needless to say, I will not be returning to this hotel.


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I have stayed here many times from last year until, fortunately no bed bugs. After reading this I am hesitant about going back. The room was clean, the sheets and so on. If I do go back I will inspect the bed from to bottom.

I stayed at the Westin at Times Square August 31 through September 2. Having read the reports on this website I was quite concerned. I contacted the hotel in advance and they gave me a standard well rehersed legal response. However, I insisted that the manager meet me upon my arrival, assure me that they had my room inspected and also escort me to my room to allow me to search the room myself.
I was amazed at the response. The hotel was very cooperative (especially Wolfgang Wehen). Upon my arri

val there was someone there to assure me that they personally inspected the room as well as the inspection report from an outside agency that they used. She also escorted me to my room, allowed me to strip the bed, look in the drawers as well as the headboard. No evidence of bed bugs!!
I have to admit that the staff there was surprisingly sensitive to my concerns and reacted accordingly. The service at this Westin was excellent. Not good, but excellent!
My suggestion to you all is to do the same thing I did. Ask for a manager upon your arrival, ask them if they personally inspected the room and the report of others that work for the hotel and have them escort you to your room. All hotel are aware of this problem. With a few phone calls before you arrive and assuming you have a hotel staff that really cares(I did) you will sleep a lot better at night. Another trick, even though I did not need it at this Westin is to pack a large black plastic garbage bag and keep your luggage in it during your stay. Take out what you need for the day and then tie it up. Sounds crazy, but now a days you have to be careful.

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Stayed here Sept 4 2010 and found bed bugs on the wall in the middle of night as well as in my bed. I haven't been so terrified in a long time. I had numerous bites on my arm and legs.Complained to staff but they said there were no problems in the hotel. Their attitude was terrible but I guess hotels are afraid of being sued. Itched for days.... Next time Im in NYC I will look for a better place.

We stayed at The Westin Times Square in New York on July 13th and my daughter woke up with several bumps on her. We flew home the next day and she kept getting more bumps on her body. We had no idea what was it was and by Thursday night she had over 80 bumps all over. I took her to the doctor on the 16th to see if she had chicken pox. The doctor saw her and right away said she absolutely does not have chicken pox she has been bitten by bed bugs. He went and grabbed his medical book to show me wh

at it was. I told him where we had been and he said that's where she had to have gotten it.
I have contacted the hotel and starwood and received a letter from the hotel denying that they have any issues with bed bugs and that they checked this room out thoroughly (room #3037) and it came back negative. I cannot believe what they are claiming as how else would she have over 80 bites all over her body.
I have heard of this hotel having problems and I hear there is an epidemic in NY but they will not acknowledge my issue at all. We had a terrible time trying to get rid of these pests. We had to was everything including all our luggage. She was so uncomfortable for days and extremely itchy.
I really wish this hotel would admit there isssue.

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i stayed in room 4536 on october 3, 2009 and woke up with bites on the left side of my face, neck and hand. i reported this to the hotel desk, it took over 20 minutes for a person to come take the report, by which time i was late to my next appointment so i had to leave - but i left my phone number - late the next day a woman from the hotel called to say that they had closed and checked the room and there were no bed bugs - that i must be allergic

i am not a new yorker so did not know how inv

asive bedbugs were so i continued to wear the same nightshirt to bed when i got home - the result was that i woke up covered in bits and now i have bed bugs all over my house - and i am going to have to spend a great deal of money to deal with the problem. - ps i am NOT allergic

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For all of you who blamed the hotels for your bad experience I can assure you that this hotel indeed does treat bedbug problem’s seriously as soon a guest reports that they have been bitten by a bedbug they are immediately switched from that room and the room is locked out by security a professional exterminating Co. comes in and inspects the room 90% of the time the room comes out negative for bedbugs if it does come out positive the room gets treated and all material furniture and mattr

ess are thrown out costing thousands then the room gets treated again and the exterminator co inspects rooms above below and next too the infected room unless the guest reports anything immediately they have no way of knowing that there are any problems they rely on the guests to report such activity as they can't expect for the hotel to inspect every the room's every time a guest checks out so please be understanding that the reason why bedbugs were there in the first place was because another guest brought mostly from outside the United States unfortunately there is no way to stop them from entering the hotel with bedbugs maybe one day we will come up with something so please rest assure that this hotel does everything it can to make their guests as comfortable as possible so that they may enjoy the trip

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We stayed at this hotel in the winter and were originally impressed with how clean it was. We never thought to check the sheets/mattress and believed bed bugs were only found in dirty hotels. We have learned this is not the case. My husband woke up with bites on his inner thigh. We actually joked about the bites being bed bug bites. Little did we know they actually were bed bugs and that we were carrying some home in our luggage and belongings. Within a week of being home my husband

started to wake up in the morning with fresh bites. Again, we were not convinced that they were really bed bugs because I was not getting bit. Then one morning I woke up with an itchy mark on my foot that looked just like the ones on my husbands legs. We examined the bed, and found nothing. I did research on line and followed the advice to check our luggage and belongings. Found nothing. Then we hired a dog service to come in and they found them in the box spring of our mattress. So, we spent about $1500.00 (decided to have the entire house heated to be sure we got rid of them) to remedy the problem in our home, luckily we caught it early. We are confident that we got the bed bugs from this hotel and felt it was important to post this so it does not happen to other people. I think it is important to note that we kept our luggage on the floor and placed it on the bed, which I have realized was a big mistake. Who knows if we would have brought them home had we not made these mistakes. The Westin has informed us that the testing they completed indicated no signs of bed bugs. However, they were not willing to provide us with the report showing there was not a problem because the report is "Starwood Property". Our room was in the 2000's.

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Stayed one night on October 16, 2008, room 4108.
I had to be out of the hotel for 5am to catch a flight out of LGA.
Legs, back and stomach felt itchy.
By the afternoon it was obvious I was getting some sort of rash.
Confirmed by my family doctor as bed bug bites.
Multiple prescriptions to treat.
One week later I still have several areas upwards of 3-4 inches in diameter all over my body and apparently I have a very serve case.
Now having issues even walking, in constant pain, even

very difficult to sleep.
When calling the hotel to simply try and help someone else of experiencing the same fate they offered no apology and simply forwarded me to security to have an incident report filed.
I called their headquarters in Whitesplains NY and the gentleman I spoke to was very professional and finally someone took down the room number which will hopefully help future unsuspecting guests.
Apparently the way I was treated by the hotel was not in accordance to Westin policy.
You have to wonder if the hotel was simply trying to avoid any fault by treating me this way when all I wanted to do was help avoid someone else from going through the horrible week I've had with no end in sight.
I've traveled extensively for over 10 years and this has never happened to me.
I stayed with about 30 other people for an even at Gotham Hall and I was the only person who got bed bugs, so its obviously not a hotel wide issue.
Hopefully this note will help someone else.

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