Washington Square Hotel
103 Waverly Pl
New York, NY

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No bedbugs for me, just stayed in this hotel for five nights. And I react violently, from the one time experienced them at a hotel in Portland.

Am dismayed to hear there are ever bedbugs in this hotel--it was my third stay here.

I stayed here for three nights. After the first night, I noticed several clustered red bumps on my arms and legs. I thought they were mosquito bumps. They were very itchy. I scratched the bumps and they swelled to the size of a nickel. I had lunch with a friend who is a doctor two days later, and she said the bites looked like bed bug bites. She advised me to immediately launder my clothes upon returning home and to closely inspect my luggage. I did so, but a few days after returning home, I not

iced new bites on my legs. Now my home is infested with bed bugs. And I paid $500/night for that hotel. Not pleased.

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Had two rooms, no signs of bed bugs December 26 & 27, 2013

everything is clean here


All clear - no signs, no bites

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