W Hotel Times Square
1567 Broadway
New York, NY 11207

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I just called(6/7/14) the hotel to inquire about the bedbug situation. The phone attendant answering the phone said he was the manager when I asked to speak to the manager, but he did not identify himself. He claimed that all inspections for bedbugs when folks complain about presence of same result in a negative report. He spoke with an accent hard for me to follow -- a problem with my too-American-ear, not his -- I thought I was speaking to someone at the Best Marigold Hotel in Mumbai. When

I press with a few additional questions about the report below, he began to speak very quickly in a nervous fashion. This made me uncomfortable, so I'm booking at the Marriott Renaissance nearby as I am also a Platinum Member with that chain, too.

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Stayed April 17-20, 2014 and brought bed bugs home. It has been a nightmare. We trew out all bedding and have cleaned carpet and Bug Busters has already been to spray 3 times. They will continue to come every 14 days until they are sure all bugs are gone. Have over 60 bites.

No bedbugs. Did find two separate ticks in 4508 and they moved us fairly quickly to another room. Great hotel.

I stayed here last March 2010 and was ready for bed bugs. I inspected everything and was really paranoid about it, but found nothing except a lovely gift basket from management to congratulate me on my pregnancy. Maybe I just got lucky, but believe me I did a thorough inspection.

I was a guest at this hotel during the first week of April--when my nightmare began. Upon returning home and unpacking my suitcase--I found 2 bed bugs on my clothing and like an idiot--thought it was isolated to just those two. As an SPG frequent traveler--I immediately notified the property of the situation and they claimed to check out my room and said they found nothing. (I had moved rooms three times during that stay) so I am not confident that they did a thorough check of all rooms I w

as in or the baggage area where my luggage was held. Throughout the next month we would see a random one or two near our bed--and immediately killed them. Last week (August) I found over 100 in my closet where I keep my suitcase and another 50 or so by our headboard--we have replaced our mattress and box springs,had professional extermination, thrown out our luggage etc. To date--our expense has been well over $5K--I am so freaked out by it that I can't sleep at night. I am a frequent traveler and have never had this happen before. I did speak with another hotel GM in the Times Square area who said "yes, there is a bed bug problem at this property". In fact, he mentioned that all hotels within a two mile radius of Times Square have issues as well as the movie theatres, stores, businesses and restuarants. Educate yourself on how to protect yourself from bed bugs in this epidemic. buy hard sided luggage, vaseline your zippers, hang your clothes on the shower rod in the bathroom--not the closet. Vaseline the legs of the luggage rack and move it to the middle of the room--not near the bed or against a wall. Look for pepper like spots on the sheets and headboards. Take off a corner of the bottom sheet and make sure you don't see any little reddish brown bugs that look like ticks. Buy bed bug poison spray at home depot and spray the inside of yoru luggage. Upon returning home--leave your luggage in the garage...remove your items and put them in a hot dryer for at least 15 minutes (won't shrink your clothes if they aren't wet). put your suitcase in a garbage bag, seal it off and leave it in the sun for at least 48 hours. Men--don't wear cuffed pants when you travel. Bed bugs love to hide in pant cuffs. Women--dont shop in NY until this is under control. NO store is immune--and the 5th Ave stores are really getting the brunt.

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