Time Hotel
224 W 49th St
New York, NY 10019-7405

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me and my sister stayed this summer. It was some time in august. we both suffered bites. I had 3 or 4 on my arms and 20+ on my legs and hers mainly were on her arms. When I spoke with a manager they changed our room and told us the broadway theaters were infested and we probably got bit there. Ummmm we didn't go to a broadway show. We were in town looking at colleges. The next morning we were presented with a eco lab invoice stating no bed bugs were found. I broke down in tears!!!!!! so your te

lling me I'm crazy.... So $600 later we leave with red bumps and suspicious looks. I spoke to the manager days later after I calmed down and demanded a credit for the 1st night and after a long conversation received a credit but I will not be returning.
I have had good luck at the broadway plaza hotel for years and just stayed 11/14/11 for 2 nights no problems

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bed bug bite on my leg, stay away from 8th floor. should have checked out this site prior to.

Feb this year. A dozen bites. I noticed that they don't clean the rugs well. On the 8th floor.

August 2008: we experienced bites at this hotel, first night one of us woke up with typical "three in a row" bites. Manager arrogant and not helpful, but one employee in the reception "confessed" that they had previously experienced bed bug problems.

We had to relocate to another hotel and carefully treat all our items when we got back to our home, which kind of ruined our trip. The typical b/s about "no bedbugs found after careful examination" was the message delivered to us.

Btw, thanks

for a great website, very useful!

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April 13th, 2009, room 401. The Time Hotel, 224 W 49th St. Bed bugs.....who even knew that they still existed outside of 3rd world countries? You wouldn't think they would turn up at what was touted to be a 4 star hotel, but there, indeed, they were. That just goes to show that they can be anywhere. Just look at the bites all over my poor husband, wait, well you can't see him, but trust me it's ridiculous. I'll be checking every hotel room from now on like a paranoid bug avenger.

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