The New Yorker Hotel
481 8th Ave
New York, NY

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Nous avons passé 3 nuits en juin 2014 au New Yorker. Aucun signe de punaise et aucune morsure. Séjour très agréable.

Stayed 3 nights at the New Yorker Hotel over the labor day long weekend (2013) and we got many bites. Could not see any evidence of bed bugs upon visual inspection of the beds but blood dots on the sheets and bug bites on legs, arms and back suggest otherwise. Beware.

Stayed here for 5 nights from October 4th to 9th , 2012 and although the room was minute saw no evidence of bed bugs whatsoever!

I stayed in a corner suite on the 39th floor Jan. 14-16, 2012. I slept in the sleeper sofa bed, and I checked for bed bugs but saw no evidence of them. I ended up with no bites of any kind. The couple in the regular bed made no complaints of bites or itching, either. Seemed to be a very clean place! I would stay there again.

Stayed in room 725 first week of October for 2 nights. No bedbugs! Checked the bed thoroughly, kept the suitcase in the tub, etc.

Nice old hotel. Small room, but lots of character. Good location, easy subway access, would stay again.

We were staying at the New Yorker Sept 4-13/2011. My boyfriend noticed a few bites on his leg but was in denial about it, he was hoping they were mosquito bites. The next morning I noticed bites on my legs and notices little blood stains on the bed, which is a clear indication of bedbugs present. We immediately ask to be moved and asked how they were going to take care of our luggage and clothes that may be infested. The manager dealing with us was quite stand off and rude....letting us know

that they would have to have have the exterminator come in to CONFIRM there were bedbugs present...weren't the bedbugs bites and blood confirmation enough. I found management did not handle the incident professionally and did not offer us anything but a different room. Since moving rooms we did not notice any bugs stupidly thinking they were gone...and of course bringing them home with us. We have spent hundreds of dollars trying to rid of these bugs! We have since tried to reach management to ask for compensation but have not received a call or response. I am appalled at the management of the situation and would not wish my enemy to stay at this hotel.

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