The New Yorker Hotel
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New York, NY

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After being bitten in the middle of the night while laying on the mattress (which left several bites on my thigh) I frantically decided to pull back the mattress cover and try to figure out what bit me. I've never had this happen so I googled bed bugs and its symptoms. I pulled back the fitted sheet and observed old urine stains on the mattress pad cover which I also found disgusting. I then unzipped the mattress cover to see if there were residue from past bedbugs and observed tiny black residu

e throughout the mattress similar to black pepper grains. I also observed mold residue on the headboard. I called the front desk to report this at approximately 3 a.m after almost 2 hours of receiving the run around and very little sleep I was rudely escorted to a smaller room (at 5 a.m) which also had a urine stained mattress cover. I was told this was the only room available and that I could leave if I like and they would do me a "courtesy" of not charging me for the following 2 nights that I had booked. I advised this "manager" that I would love to leave if they wanted to pay for a room at a different hotel given the fact that my room had been paid for at nearly $300 per night. After going back and forth with a rude, condescending and inconsiderate manager who kept repeating the same lines as if he were recording our conversation, I decide to just stay and focus on a detailed complaint and review after my travels.

Additional issues with this hotel:

1.Had to wait over an hour in the ice cold lobby to have a authorization faxed from my client and her travel agent. The person at the counter (Rochelle) was so rude and short with me that I had to ask for a manager whom she stated was in a meeting. After he returned from the meeting I had to go and find him myself because she did not inform him of my concern. I understood the need for authorization but the snappy attitude, disregard for what I was saying by taking over me, and the rude manner in which she spoke on the phone and rolled her eyes while speaking to me were all unacceptable. The manager (Dellmont) was accommodating and worked on resolving the issue. He also saw first hand her rude behavior. At that point I had to ask him if this was acceptable since she seemed comfortable rolling her eyes and interrupting me while I spoke in front of him. He informed me that this was not acceptable and offered me a breakfast certificate. He also brought my key over while I sat at the cafe.

2. The following day I was told my reservation was only authorized for 1 day and that I needed to check out by another "manager". I told him of my issues up to this point and he seemed very non-chalant and almost aggravated that I mentioned the rude attitude of Rochelle asking me why I mentioned it if Dellmont resolved it already. He then said the authorization was for only $169 per night and that it should have been for a different amount. This is after i've already called my client and travel agent the day prior to rush over the forms. No one said the forms were incorrect until the following day. I then had to call my client and her travel agent on a Saturday AGAIN and have them resubmit the form which should have actually been filled out by your staff with the correct amounts prior to them signing (which I later found out). After all of this hassle I was offered a free night via points which I could not use on this trip. At this point I told him I would rather have the amount credited back to my client because I can't imagine staying at another property from this chain.
3. The housekeepers hadn't cleaned my room at 3:00 p.m on the last night I was there I had to request that it be cleaned which happened around 5 p.m.
4. The bell staff were overbooked and the line to check luggage was often long and not very organized. Someone else bags were brought out with mine and I observed several people claim bags and have to give bags back because they did not belong to them. Very unorganized.

During my final nights stay and after the night of bitesI was met by the manager at the front desk at 8:00 p.m and told that my card had been turned off because I didn't personally call him to extend my reservation. He fully understood at this point that my clients travel agency was handling the booking and he could have called or emailed them to get additional authorization. Instead he chose to cut my card access off and cause a scene in the hotel lobby full of people. At that point I decide to pack my things and go to another hotel. I refused to call my client this late to discuss more non-sense. They had already spent thousands at this hotel on reservations for themselves, family members and a child who is staying in EHS housing (which was disgusting and had an alleged bud bug incident as well). After telling them of my experience they will also no longer use this company for student housing or hotel accommodations. The inaccuracies, unprofessional behavior, room quality and flat out rude attitudes are all unacceptable for the amount of money spent. The fact that this manager claims he "waited all day" for my call when he had my direct number is also just ridiculous. It's obvious I was now being harassed for my previous complaint. He had my keys turned of then instructed me to pay immediately for the room or get out.

I packed my bags and moved to The Quin Hotel and was treated the way customers should be. It was a 5 star seamless experience from check in to check out. It renewed my faith in NYC hotels and I have since shared my positive experience via social media and I will be sharing this horrific one as well!

When I was downgraded to a smaller room on my final night due to the cleanliness of my mattress and possible bed bugs there was no price adjustment made. The authorization forms were also not filled out properly by hotel staff causing great inconvenience to myself the client and travel agent.

Dellmont was the only staff member that I spoke to who actually seemed concerned and slightly courteous all others seemed to be bothered and annoyed by my request for proper customer service and satisfaction. Not only would I not stay here again, but I would not stay at any hotel in the Wyndam chain. I would also advise that others not either. The amount of time and negative energy that has been wasted on these complaints alone are disappointing and ridiculous.

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Stayed 3 nights at the New Yorker Hotel over the labor day long weekend (2013) and we got many bites. Could not see any evidence of bed bugs upon visual inspection of the beds but blood dots on the sheets and bug bites on legs, arms and back suggest otherwise. Beware.

Stayed here for 5 nights from October 4th to 9th , 2012 and although the room was minute saw no evidence of bed bugs whatsoever!

I stayed in a corner suite on the 39th floor Jan. 14-16, 2012. I slept in the sleeper sofa bed, and I checked for bed bugs but saw no evidence of them. I ended up with no bites of any kind. The couple in the regular bed made no complaints of bites or itching, either. Seemed to be a very clean place! I would stay there again.

Stayed in room 725 first week of October for 2 nights. No bedbugs! Checked the bed thoroughly, kept the suitcase in the tub, etc.

Nice old hotel. Small room, but lots of character. Good location, easy subway access, would stay again.

We were staying at the New Yorker Sept 4-13/2011. My boyfriend noticed a few bites on his leg but was in denial about it, he was hoping they were mosquito bites. The next morning I noticed bites on my legs and notices little blood stains on the bed, which is a clear indication of bedbugs present. We immediately ask to be moved and asked how they were going to take care of our luggage and clothes that may be infested. The manager dealing with us was quite stand off and rude....letting us know

that they would have to have have the exterminator come in to CONFIRM there were bedbugs present...weren't the bedbugs bites and blood confirmation enough. I found management did not handle the incident professionally and did not offer us anything but a different room. Since moving rooms we did not notice any bugs stupidly thinking they were gone...and of course bringing them home with us. We have spent hundreds of dollars trying to rid of these bugs! We have since tried to reach management to ask for compensation but have not received a call or response. I am appalled at the management of the situation and would not wish my enemy to stay at this hotel.

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