The Carlton on Madison Ave
88 Madison Ave
New York, NY

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I stayed at this hotel for two nights beginning 09/22/2014. The first night was uneventful, but noisy in a room that was supposed to be quiet. The second night was a disaster with a machine running and screeching from 1:30am till 4:30am. The hotel guest services manager was nice about the matter and took good care of me. However, two days later, I developed bad rashs on my neck and then arms, legs and chest. At first I thought I had shingles, but then found out that I had been infected by b

ed bugs with "scabbies". I immediately contacted the hotel and Marriott customer service. Again, the hotel service was nice, but continued to deny that their hotel was the problem and suggested that perhaps I was infected in the taxi or on the airplane. The bottom line is that while the management team tried to be nice and sympathetic, there was no recourse for me. It was agonizing itching and a constant feeling of disgust about being infected. So, while there is a lot of marketing hype about this location, my recommendation is to steer clear. As a way of making me feel better, the manager did offer me a free night stay, but there's no way I would ever go back there and take a chance of getting infected with these bed bugs again.

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I just checked out of the Carlton at 88 Madison in New York. My single night stay in Room 420 on 11/9/13 left me with bed bug bites. The staff and entire hotel experience was a great disappointment. Room size, upkeep, amenities, cost and noise ruined my stay. Now I have the allergic reaction to bites 2 days later. I will call Manager during business hours. Keep away from this hotel -- it is so poorly managed that they are probably infested with bed bugs!!!

I was bitten in room 1003 during my stay Oct. 12th to 13th. The bites were quite severe and I had to seek medical attention. The customer service person told me they used an exterminator and had my room checked that there were no bed bugs. My physician was positive that my bites were indeed from slleeping on a mattress with bed bugs.
The hotel said it has 30 rooms a month checked and they never have had bugs, seems to me they are on good terms with exterminators so they can avoid making this l

ist. I will never do business with this hotel again, not only was my stay overpriced but I incurred the added expense of medical bills, loss of personal property and personal discomfort.

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