Stratford Arms Hotel
117 W 70th St
New York, NY 10023-4436

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We were so damned lucky that our daughter attending Joffrey Summer Intensive didnt get bedbugs...she got there in mid-June and by that time the girls had purchased a spray from Bed Bath and Beyond and nuked the heck out of her room. Her friends on the same floor, not so lucky. They had all their stuff in bags and had to be moved a few times. We bagged everything up on the way home and washed everything when we got home. To be on the safe side, make sure that any pillows or quilts you bring are o

nes you dont mind throwing out just in case. Leave the fru-fru Vera Bradley and designer suitcases and bags at home...tell your daughter to pack her stuff in Rubbermaid containers.

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Summer 2011 - .... Ballet School is housing Smr intensive students at Stratford Arms. We heard prior to arrival there were MANY student reports of bedbug infestation. Iquiring with School we were assured proper/effective fumigation had occured in bldg.Upon arrival we found nightmare continues,with hideous/painful socially embarring bites! Students con't to be moved frm rm to rm.having to wash,and dry ALL their clothes/linens repeatedly;expensive/time consuming.Hard to imagine having to PAY to li

ve this way! Even harder to believe no apologies, compensation,or REAL remedy and that ....School continues to move new students into Strat weekly knowing their is a documented problem! HONESTY is priceless !

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We were not told there was a problem, we found out after all unpacked by another student. We were reassurred it was fumigated and there were no more problems. Then our daughters are now reporting after being moved twice that there are still bedbugs! This was 6/13/2011

I'm an alum and many of my classmates had them in 2003. My room didn't have them, but I did have a terrible cockroach problem from one of the tenant ladies down the hall. This is not a new problem for AMDA and The Strat. It's shocking to me that 7 years later they still refuse to admit that they have serious sanitation issues.

It is true the Strat has bedbugs and cockroaches. If you want to protect yourself ahead of time buy some Organic Pest Control and powder the entire room before you move in. When the administration ignores your requests to move keep hounding them. The old people living there can't be evicted until they die so they might not care if there are bugs of any sort.They are part of the NYC housing authority program. By the way I suggest getting an apartment it is cheaper in many cases, and continue to b

uy your own organic pest control.
One last item, there is a lot of mold in these rooms, check the ceilings and the showers. Ick!!

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First things first, don't stay at the Strat. It's a poor, poor excuse for living, even in dorm standards. But, to the matter at hand, I got bed bugs my first semester. Not only would they not move me from the room right away, they had me capture a bed bug and bring it in as proof. I had bites all over my arms and legs, and I still have scars from itching some of them. Long story short, I caught a bedbug and brought it in. I was immediately moved. The reason why AMDA has such a bed bug problem is

because they don't like admitting they have one. They let the problem go until it's an epidemic and then pretend they had no idea anything was wrong.

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I have heard so many stories about bedbugs but I didn't think it would ever happen to me because I'm so clean. I was wrong. I didn't get it bad like the others, just three bites. But three is enough. If you moving to the Strat...don't. The bedbugs will find you. Trust me. They feel like mosquito bites but bigger and redder. It's so gross. If your coming to AMDA please get an apartment. It's worth it.

In 05 during my first semester at AMDA I swear I had bed bugs! I had all these bites on my arms and legs. My roomie on top bunk had nothing tho. I was lucky to have changed rooms between nsemesters and the bugs were not on that side of building.

MY friend had a really bad infestation of bed bugs a few weeks ago and had to be moved. This is not fair, for this much money, this really isn\'t fair. Kick the dirty old people OUT of the strat! Move them to a home. This IS NOT FAIR

I had bed bugs while going to AMDA in room 643 back in January and February. They told us they would do nothing about it unless we had an infestation. I mean come on, if you were to ask people around the building. About 1/3 of us ended up with bedbugs, and I think it all starts with the fact that there are still crazy old people with bad hygiene that roam around the building at all hours. SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE! My girlfriend lives there currently and she has already been moved.

This is an American Musical and Dramatic Academy dorm and it had bed bugs. Several of my class mates were moved around this nasty building. Many were forced to throw out everything they owned.

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