Southgate Tower Suite Hotel
371 7th Ave
New York, NY 11215
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Sept 3-6, 2011. My infant daughter was bitten about 30 times! I have not received a response from the hotel yet. The rest of our family was not bitten. I believe they were in her crib. The bites were confirmed to be bedbugs by a doctor. This hotel is now called Affinia Manhattan. Maybe the name can be changed on this website so potential customers can find it easier, and know to stay AWAY!

I got absolutely chowed! Had about 10 bites on my arms, legs and torso. They itched for days and I eventually had to go to the doctors to get some ointment for relief. Do not stay here!!!

July 19th 2011. One night in that hotel, room 423, I have one leg covered with bed bugs bites.

We stayed at the Affinia Southgate Tower(Now it's called Affinia Manhattan) on the night of Jan. 1-Jan.2, 2011. My husband woke up on Jan. 3 morning and found a few bed bugs crawling. We brought the bug down to the front desk and asked to see a supervisor. The Director of front desk came out and denied it's a bed bug, however she said she will run lab test on it.
Feeling unsatisfied, I asked to see another supervisor. Then the Director of Housekeeping came out and immediately he apologized and

acknowleged it is indeed a bed bug. He reluctantly refunded us but he didn't provide any provision for our luggage and belongs.
We came home carefully cleaned everything, but unfortunately two weeks later, we all woke up with bed bugs bites including my 5-year-old son who slept in a separate room.
Waste no time we called the Bell Environmental and their trainned dog verfitied our two room now is infested with bed bugs!
It will cost us $6,000 for treating the whole house, and there's no gurantee they will be eradicated. Fear and worries has consumed our thoughts from the day we woke up with bites! I've read other guests posted bed bugs complaints on TripAdvisor(Of course after I stayed there), but the hotel obviously didn't take any action to remedy the problem.
Stay away from this hotel!

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