Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers
811 7th Ave
New York, NY

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I stayed on the 46 floor of this hotel for three nights in early December a busy time of their year and I experienced no bedbug problems whatsoever

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with valuable feedback about your recent stay.

As you may be aware, there has been a global resurgance of bed bugs over the last several years due to increased international travel. Our hotel mandates a very aggressive stance with regard to pest control which does includes room inspections.

Please contact me at the below email address and I can review the process with you in more detail. I look forward to connecting with you.

Warm Regards,
Joseph Giordano
[email protected]

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I'm check in this hotel at March,13. Next day (03/14), when i come back after lunch, my room was looked and the manager says that I need to change my room, because was suspect of bedbug. I didn't see them, or anyone bite me, but anyway we change the room.

We just stayed at this hotel the past weekend and had NO problems what-so-ever

I stayed in room 3526 for one night on 10/10/13. On Friday 10/11/13 noticed many itchy red bedbug bites on both feet and my left ankle. This was the first night of my trip and have never had bedbug bites at any point before this, but they are just as pictured and described online. My boyfriend stayed in this room beginning on Sunday without any bites, but I've read that some people don't develop bite marks or that they can take up to 14 days to develop. Front desk staff initially questioned th

at I could have gotten bites at the hotel and then seemed mostly concerned about whether I intended to file a claim. We checked out on 10/11/13.

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Stayed at Sheraton for 3 nights between October 1-4. Began to feel the itch a few days later with multiple bite marks (about 10) showing up on my hand.

Even without the precense of bedbugs, the hotel is severely overpriced and very poor quality. TV failed to work, water pressure of shower head abnormal, shower turns cold.


Stayed there the week of Jan 28 for LegalTech show and both legs were bitten. I hope they didn't come home with me. I also wish I had seen the bites before I got home so I could have had my clothes dry cleaned before bringing them in the house. Not good - wont use again.

Stayed here with family (had 3 rooms)January 18-20, 2013. No bites or sitings. Mattresses totally covered - rooms clean. Would stay here again and recommend to others.

Was scheduled to stay there Nov. 27-8. Before I unpacked, I was in the bathroom (19th fl, I believe) and saw a bug on the floor. Took a photo, looked it up on the internet to check and verified it was a bedbug. Grabbed my bags, told the manager, who wanted to see the pic. I by the way, killed the bug and left in in a kleenex on the counter as proof. The manager told me he was a bed bug expert and that it was not a bed bug. I left at midnight for another hotel. No help from the Sheraton on

that one. Later got a call from management telling me the room had been checked "3" times by bed bug professionals(get a college education kids!) and it was clean. They told me it was my mistake. Meanwhile, my colleague showed up at the business meeting the next day, with a number of bites. He did not know my story and stayed on a lower floor. The manager that called me said his room was free of bugs too. Told me he hoped to see me again. Corporate hubris at its best. Hotel is so big, with so many guests, they will never clear the place of bugs. Stay somewhere else!

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I stayed @ Sheraton Towers for 2 nights on 09/07 & 09/08 2012. Did not notice any problem during my stay but have found bite marks on my lower back that appear to be from bed bugs. Worried what I brought home with me.

I stayed at the hotel for the AFL-CIO conference on august 20 2012. The hotel is infested with bed bugs, it was the talk of the conference. The hotel moved individuals from one infested room to another with complimentary gifts. I asked that all my clothes were dry cleaned before returning home, and the hotel accommodated that request. I will never stay at that hotel again!

May 12, 2012

Our inlaws were staying on the 9th floor of the hotel in a newly renovated room, room 906, and although they did a thorough scan of the room and stripped the bedding, etc, the kids found one live bed bug the 2nd day of their stay.

There was only 1 bedbug and they did not get bitten, but it was gross, nonetheless.

Stayed there 3/4-11/12

Got a bad case of bites while there and now my home is infested.

Stayed weekend of 3/31 - 4/1 on 22nd floor. The room was very clean and not a bug to be found. Travelled with friends, thier room on 18th floor also bed bug free.

Stayed 3/18-3/21 on 48th floor. Found a live bug (blood engorged) inside the duvet cover. Called front desk and they gave us the run around at first but someone came up and laundered our clothes. Hope we don't take any companions back home!

We stayed in room 3930 from March 2-4, 2012. The first night nothing, but the second night I was covered with tiny bites. Will check the beds next time! Now I know why we got such a good rate on the hotel.

Stayed at the Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers January 2012 in R4125. With all of the reported cases, I was very worried about bed bugs. When I got to my room I took both beds apart and pulled the mattress signs of bugs. I checked every day I was there and never found anything.

I was relieved, but still worried that I was going to bring them home in my suitcase (which I kept in quarantine in my garage for 2 weeks). It has been a month and still nothing.

I would stay at this

hotel again.

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Found them between the mattress cover and the fitted sheet. Reported them to front desk, who simply responded "what do you want us to do?" After requesting a new room, they made me wait for 20 minutes, and then moved me to a different room that was a downgrade.

Very disappointing.

Stayed in 3740 for two nights, 12/13/11-12/15/11.

I was very worried after seeing all of these reports and reading reviews of the hotel. I had a great experience there.

They upgraded me to one of the new rooms free of charge. We tore the place apart as soon as we got there, and I still put everything in ziplocks and changed and laundered everything we brought as soon as we got home, but that was mostly to make me more comfortable psychologically. We found no trace of anything from bedbugs

in the room, except for possible blood stains on the sheets. However, in a hotel, who knows which room the sheets were in before, and they should have all been laundered and dried before getting to that room anyway. Everything else appeared clean, and the room was quite large for New York standards.

So, at most I would say that the hotel probably does have issues in some of the rooms, but at least our appeared to be free of the little pests.

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We stayed at room 4430 from October 29th - 30th. We did not see any bugs; however, we brought the bugs back to our home in Maryland. We had to bring an exterminator to take care of our home before these bugs infest our home. I was taken to the emergency room because of an allergic reaction to the bug bites. Contacted the Hotel and Mr. Joseph Giordano sent an e-mail stating that the room was inspected and no bug was found. In good faith he credited our account for 12000 points (approximately $300

.00). I left a message for the Hotel General Manager, Mr. Mark Sanders and reported the case. I have not heard back from him but yesterday I filed a claim with both American Express, NY City Healthy Department and SPG Corporate offices. I am appauled by the response of the Hotel especially when you pay $400.00 per night on a hotel. In 30 years in the United States,I had never heard about bed bugs and as a long stand customer of SPG and Owner of a timeshare I am expecting top level service.

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July 2011
Stayed in room 1552, first night nothing, second night nothing, third night 3 bites. Had to heat everything to 106F for a few days. No problems at home 3 months later.
Called the manager to let them know.

We were just there last weekend and in room 2405 we found a live bed bug and the mattress was in a protective bag. The fact there were bed bugs was not the biggest surprise as all hotels in NYC will have a room or two with them. The frustrating part is how it was handled. The staff was rude and had no follow through. They told us to wait in the room while a manager came up. No manager came but a bell boy did. We were leaving anyways, who wants to stay in a room with bugs! He was the only r

espectful person we met on our trip. No manager ever talked to us. It wasn't until we were leaving a few days later that I made a point before checking out to speak to a manager to which he said he had no idea that there was something wrong. Not impressed. We have been talking to someone who has assured us things will be taken care of. Definitely check your room- no matter where you stay.

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room 850 First nite nothing. 2nd nite about 10 bites lying in bed watching tv 2hrs. Found a live bed bug put in plastic bag. Called front desk. They are sending nite security to investigate. Front desk said we will be moving to different room.

Found bugs crawling on the bed under pillows in a room on the 46th floor. This was in the renovated section and the housekeeping staff are supposed to look for these things.

September 12 - 15, 2011. 21st floor in a renovated room. Legs are covered with bed bug bites - clusters, lines, etc.

Stayed on 19th floor in Apirl 2008 and found a bedbug on the floor between the bed and the wall.

My husband and I just stayed here this last weekend 1/20-1/23. We happened on this website the night before we were leaving for NY and we were terrified after reading this site about this hotel having bed bugs. We couldn't change because it was already payed for. The hotel rooms look a little runned down, but there were NO bed bugs!! The only thing we had was the horrifying thought that they may appear through out the night and the nightmare that they did. Three nights--no bed bugs!! There wa

s plenty of hot water which was awesome after being out in the freezing weather. Everyone was super nice except the people at the check in desk. The room was exceptionally small, but was ok for just two people. Location is great.

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Stayed from 1/7 through 1/10. Booked through Hotwire, so I was only able to check this site after I found out the hotel name. Was a little nervous based on the reviews, but had no trouble. I performed the standard paranoid search in/on/under the mattress, headboard, and surrounding area. Found no traces of bugs and received no bites in 3 nights.

I will echo the previous comment that said this hotel is starting to get a little run down. The lobby still looks nice, but you'll notice the de

tails (TONS of scuff marks on the walls, wallpaper just starting to peel at the top in the bathrooms, etc) are not quite up to the quality of some of the premium Sheridan properties. Location is great, and it's not like it's in horrible condition, but just know what you're paying for, and definitely don't pay full price.

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I stayed here on the 24th Dec 2010. Woke up to find two satiated bugs.I was given another room, and thought nothing of it. A few days later the itchy marks appreared all over my body, as well as my forehead. Apparantly the whole city is infested with them.

Stayed here 11/19 - 11/21. Checked out the room thoroughly, pulling mattresses off the beds, etc. We found no evidence of bed bugs. We were very careful with luggage, kept each bag in bugtite plastic bags. Nothing came home with us. We were probably overly cautious with all the bed bug reports in NYC. Again, we found no evidence of bed bugs and we didn't hear about anyone else having problems during this time period.

Stayed at this hotel the week of 11/15/2010 and found a bed bug and was moved to another room. Never felt comfortable and will not go back. The hotel needs to be remodeled as it's geting old and dirty where it just can't get cleaned properly in a 10 minute maid shift.

Going to the new, more expensive hotels that seem to take care of this issue much more effectively then the older Sheraton hotel. Horrible stay the entire week.

Awoke with bites all over neck/shoulder/chest, same side that I sleep on.

Alerted reception upon check-out, referred to Asst Director of Reception Brian Coats who ushered me away from other guests and proceeded to insist they've never had a report of bedbugs before. Unbuttoned my shirt to show him some of the bites.

He offered to have me go into the back and "file a report with security". I suggested they just go up and look now, and take my word for it, but he said it wasn't "proc

edure". He had no interest in addressing the issue. Just deflected me until I gave up and left. Classy approach from a 4-star chain property.

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I was very concerned after reading some of the postings about this hotel, but we had already paid for our rooms so we decided to try it. Four of us stayed at this hotel this weekend (two rooms - one on the 16th floor, one on the 14th floor) and we didn't have any issues. We really checked the mattresses, boxsprings and behind the headboards and didn't see anything -- and no bites. We inspected and used both beds in both rooms. Room was very clean except for some dust behind the headboard and

under one of the box springs. Hopefully NYC is getting a handle on the problem.

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Rented two rooms September 30-Oct 3rd both on the 41st floor. We searched the walls by the headboard, the night stands, lamps by the bed, and, of course, the bed itself. We did not find any bugs or traces of them in either room. After our 3 night stay did not have any bites. Appears both rooms were free of any bedbugs.

I checked into the Sheraton NY Hotel and Towers on September 13, 2010 for three nights. I was in room 1221 and didn't see any bedbugs. I did pull apart the bedding to examine the mattress upon arrival just to be sure. All clear in my room!

My husband and I stayed at this hotel August 19th to the 22nd. I found out about this site days before we were to depart and of course I got nervous once I saw that there had been recent complaints.

We stayed on the 34th floor and checked our room immediately. We found no evidence of any bed bugs and I'm happy to report that we were fine the entire time we stayed.

I stayed from 8/30/10 to 9/3/2010 in room 3808. No sign of any bugs. Checked under mattress, floor, closet drawers - nothing. No bites the whole week. I did take precautions by spraying a bed bug killer and repellent in the room and in my luggage before packing it.

I was part of a large group (300+ rooms) that stayed here from 8/27 to 9/3. Of that group there were 2 reports of issues. The hotel acted quickly by moving the people, cleaning all their clothes, and fumigating the room.

My husband is staying at the Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers. He asked about the bed bug problem and the hotel said they have never had a bed bug problem and the complaints on these sites are written by other hotels trying to take business away from them. I don't believe them. I am nervous about him bringing home bed bugs!

Stayed there over the Weekend of August 14th. I looked and looked but did not see any. Woke up with bug bites all over my stomach and my husband had them all over his legs. They were in our luggage when we got home. We threw out our suitcases and most of the clothing. The clothing that was left, we sent to a dry cleaner. The hotel is aware of the situation as I called them and they were not surprised. Took my report.

Really really bad,
now I have to hope and pray that they are not in my


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Stayed here July 30. ( the only hotel I stayed at on my trip ) and got home to find bed bugs in my suitcase. ( Immediately closed bag and too it outside ) I had received bites during my stay here but figured it was a mosquito.

I quarantined my luggage by leaving it in the car in 40 degree + heat for 2 days and then took all my clothes to the drycleaner and had them laundered. I vaccumed my suitcase thoroughly and left it in the back yard for a week before hosing it off and letting it sit in

the sun for another 2 days outside.

If you suspect you have had bed bugs on your stay somewhere DO NOT bring the luggage into your house.

No sign of anything in my home. YET. Constantly vaccuming everywhere.

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Stayed at this hotel from May 19th to May 21st. I haven't noticed anything while I was there but right after I came back home, I began experimenting the bites: I brought them home. Lucky me :-(

We visited NYC April 28, 2010 and have since brought bed bugs home - The hotel seems to be the only explanation for where the bugs came from.

We stayed in room 4727

Bed bugs in room 4024 of this hotel. Reported it to the hotel front desk after a second day of bites. They tried to explain it away as being some sort of food allergy. Sent us up to the room to wait for security. We were told that security would conduct a preliminary investigation before the pest service would come the next day and conduct a thorough search of the room. The lady at the front desk gave us a new room for the night. When asked whether there had ever been bed bugs reported at this h

otel, she said no. I told her that there was an epidemic in NYC, and told her that her claim was dubious at best. She then said that she hadn't had bed bugs reported on her shift.

We go up to the room, and when security arrives, the man looks at the bites and insists they are not bed bug bites. He was very uncooperative and his preliminary search consisted of looking at the bed, lifting a pillow. When we asked him to help us lift the mattress, he refused saying it was not his job. Very rude security man, very confrontational and defensive. When asked when the last bed bugs were reported in the hotel, he responded with never. When pressed further, he said more than one year ago.

After security leaves, we lift up the mattress, and discover a bed bug resting there. We take pictures of it, present it to the hotel.

Given the recent reports here, and the fact that many tourists do not report bed bugs, or are not aware of the problem in NYC, everyone at the hotel that we discussed this issue with appears to be complicit in a cover up of a more general infestation of the hotel. New York Department of Public Health and Mental Hygiene need to investigate this public health hazard.

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23rd Floor: picked a bed bug off my shirt after brushing past a folding cot.

We stayed at this hotel April 14-19, 2009. My daughter had about 15 bed bug bites after three days in the hotel. We contacted the front desk and they took a report and we were moved to another room. We were not given any discount on our bill as was the other woman. Now I am worried that we might bring these home with us. though we are taking precautions by drying, then washing and drying our clothes and inspecting as much as we can of what we are bringing back into the house.

Checked into Sheraton Room 3539 on January 2. Having read of the bed bug epidemic in NYC, I conducted a check of the mattress in the room immediately upon arrival, but didn't check the second bed in the room, and was not able to check the headboards as they seemed fastened to the wall (and in any event were very dark, so I doubt I'd have been able to detect the dots that bed bugs can leave). Morning of January 4 or 5 (can't recall which): I saw what every traveler dreads -- bed bug bites. I had

11 bed bug bites on one leg (several in typical breakfast-lunch-dinner arrangement), two bites on other leg, and seven on left hand. Checked sheets and PJs for any tell-tale blood, and found about five splotches of blood inside one pajama leg. Reported the bed bugs immediately to someone assisting people with check-in at Reception. She was very professional about handling it. Moved me to another room on a different floor and neither above nor below the contaminated room. Also arranged for a security person to meet me in the room with a report form for me to fill out. He confirmed both the bites and the blood on the PJ leg. I didn't ask for anything off my bill (I figure every hotel in New York has bed bugs at this point), but when I checked out, I saw they had taken a night's stay off. Which helped pay for the dry cleaning bill when I returned home, since I had to dry clean or launder everything I had brought, and spray the suitcase with SteriFab before bringing it into the house.

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