Sheraton Manhattan at Times Square
790 7th Ave
New York, NY

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I stayed in room 927 from 6/1/2012-6/2/2012 with my sister. The first night I only got 1 bite on my arm. My sister got a few bites on her legs. The second night I got 5 bites on my left leg and 5 bites on my right leg. My parents and brother stayed in the room next to us, 925. My brother was also bitten in that room.

Huge bedbug, so swollen it couldn't run away. Have pictures. Hotel manager claimed we were setting him up. Slept in my car. I hate NY

I was there for one night on Satruday, Dec. 4. I checked for bed bugs and didn't see anything but the next day I had several bites on my leg. I also went to the a broadway show that night so I guess the bed bugs could have been in the theater. I didn't say anything to the hotel because I didn't notice the bites until after I was on my way home.

I stayed at this hotel on October 3rd - 6th, 2010. Shortly after checking in, we happened to be waiting in line behind a woman who was reporting a bedbug in her room (she moved to another hotel). We were nervous, to say the least.

We checked the bed & room fastidiously and found no signs of bedbugs. We got no bites at all, and the only problem was that we were so anxious about bedbugs that we didn't sleep well!

I kept my belongings in plastic bags while at the hotel, and on arrival home

I washed everything, including the bags. I even put my leather shoes in the oven for a little while, just to be safe. Nearly a month later I'm thankfully bedbug-free.

By the way our room was a good size and very pleasant.

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Our stay was from September 2nd - September 6th, 2010 for the US Open. Out of 6 of us - one was eaten so bad that we had to call the hotel Dr. in right away. Three of us developed the bites after arriving home about 10 days later. I personally wrote the hotel manager and the head of Starwood hotels and received absolutely no phone call or correspondence regarding issues. I would definitely not stay here ever again and would recommend the same for anyone else. Definitely a customer No

-Service hotel!

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I stayed at the Manhattan Times Square hotel from August 30-Sept 3, 2010. Upon arrival I was assigned room #1826. I overheard 2 hotel employees talking about calling the exterminators and I also read reports of bedbugs at this hotel so I immediately tore apart the bedding to see if there were any bugs. I found 3 bedbug nymphs in the seam of the mattress! I was worried that the front desk would not believe me so I squished the bugs and took them downstairs. The hotel staff was very apologetic and

they immediately assigned me to a new room. They said they would completely remodel the room (replace the wallpaper, mattress, carpet, etc) to eradicate the bugs. Although finding bedbugs was a horrible experience, the hotel handled it very well.

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We stayed there 9/9-9/12 of this year (2010) and got eaten alive by bed bugs. The bites got real bad- swollen, blistered over, and lasted for weeks. Only one person had them show up initially but over the next two weeks they showed up on everyone.

The Director of Housekeeping was really helpful however and had all our clothes cleaned, changed our room.

My sister and her family stayed here before a race the next day - I jokingly warned her to be on the look out for bed bugs before they headed to their room, but when they unfurled the extra cot in the room, there were bed bugs. The hotel sent someone up to take "pictures" and asked if anyone in the room wanted to see a doctor (kid you not). They didn't seem too shocked by the discovery though - I would certainly choose a different hotel!!

We (family of four) stayed at Sheraton Manhattan over Canadian Thanksgiving (Oct. 9-12) in Room 803. The room was very dirty from top to bottom. I doubt a stray dog could have slept on that carpet. Sheets looked dirty and I asked they be changed (and why would you have to ASK for this service?). Day we returned home, my whole left leg covered in bites but what mosquitoes are around at this time of the year? Did a couple of searches, asked nurse, etc. only to discovered had been bitten by be

d bugs. Called the hotel, was put on perpetual hold, finally told Housing Manager would speak to me, mysteriously Housing Manager now "gone for the day", he would call me back tomorrow, I questioned if anyone in that room now and was told "yes". Can't believe they would leave people there if know bugs there........Staff told me they had never had bed bugs and they sprayed each room weekly.....Lies, lies, lies and I still sit and each...All of this for $400+ Cdn per night. What is that?

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While on business, I stayed at the Sheraton Manhattan at 790 7th Ave NYC, NY on 12/1/08 and 12/2/08 (checked out on 12/3)in room 1133.

Noticed several (about 10) red itchy bumps (like enlarged mosquito bites)evening of the second night, but did not pay too much attention as it was late and I had a meeting early the next day. Noticed more bumps the next morning.

By the time I got home evening of 12/3 I had more bites than I could count. Bumps were increasing in size and itchiness.

I im

mediately called the hotel to report the situtation and was told that they would inspect room and contact me. Left message for the hotel manager today, and am waiting for a reply.

This has been an awful experience and I'm now concerned that my home may have become contaminated.

JMJ from Long Island, NY

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