Seton Hotel
144 E 40th St
New York, NY

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We stayed there for 8 nights from 15th of april to 23rd. No bed bugs at all. Very clean room.

I stayed here and was bitten about 20 times. I have never had this happen before. I am disgusted.

Stayed twice in late February - 6th floor room both times. Looked very very closely and the room, mattress and furnishings were immaculate.

2013 week 19 - 2 rooms reserved and NO bed bugs seen - and we looked closely. All seemed very clean.

08/01 I stayed there, I witnessed at least 7 bedbugs, disgusting!

I stay at this hotel all the time since I travel to New York to visit my children. I have never had a dirty room even once. The owners care a lot. So I can't believe what I am reading here. Half of the hotel is entirely new and the older rooms are always clean. I was alarmed when I brought this up on my google page, but this just doesn't ring true to me.

Hi I have just come back to discover 8 bites. Didn't see antthing never put my case near bed but there was not mush option as room small and grubby. Very upset now as I must have brought them home. It should be closed down. There was no cleaning standard an inch of dust on locker so I knew i was in trouble but I had no place else to go. Over 600 dollars for this upset. Now I'm worried about my home. I know cleanliness isnt the issue with these creatures but it's shows that these hotels operato

rs don't care. In My country a hotel like this would be shut down. I never brought my cases to my bedroom still down in the utility room so they must have been on my clothes. It's terrifying and so distressing.
It's ruined my whole experience of travelling and it took 5 yeArs to get this holiday.

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oct/02 2010
Noticed at least 12 HUGE bedbugs on the mattress.

No bedbugs! Oct 24th, 2010.

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